Be Very Alert! No 237

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                                        No 237, March 28, 2017


At an inter-faith conference in 2003, an imam said, “The UK is going to be an Islamic republic in the time of my grandchildren, and I don’t need to do anything about it, it’s just going to happen.” There are five large urban areas in the north where the majority of people under 16 are Muslim. Those people will elect Muslim mayors who in turn would feel democratic pressure to introduce Sharia practices. That was 14 years ago!

In the UK, Muslim pupils are now outnumbering Christian children in more than 30 church schools. One Church of England primary school in Oldham is reported to have only Muslim pupils. All children follow a course of Religious Education and they observe both Christian and Muslim Festivals.

Another in Bolton has a 90 per cent Muslim population, while at a CoE Junior School in West Yorkshire 98 per cent of students are reported to come from a Muslim background. This has prompted leading education experts to urge some church schools to become secular institutions because it is ‘confusing for children.’

It really makes you wonder what sort of religion is being taught in these schools and why church leaders have ever allowed Muslims Festivals to be celebrated!

Rev Gavin Ashenden, who resigned after criticising a Scottish cathedral for hosting a reading of the Qur’an during a Eucharist service, says that Anglicanism seems too weak to tackle the great challenges it faces.

Similar things are now happening in many Western countries which are bowing to ‘moderate’ Islam. In America, for decades the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups that seek to defend individual rights, fought to get Christian prayer and Bibles out of American schools and were successful. Now prayer is coming back into schools but it is Islamic prayer. As a recent example, a Texas high school now has a prayer room for Muslim students so they do not have to leave school on Fridays. Muslims are being given rights and privileges which others do not have.

Countries that were at the centre of world events in the Bible are now at the centre of world events today. However, their influence is no longer restricted to the Middle East. Islam is being spread in many ways, but radical Islam is likely to spread more rapidly as ISIS is supressed in the Middle East and many of the fighters return to their home countries. God is using Islam as a judgment on Western nations as they turn against God and Israel, and their churches fall deeper into apostasy.

If a nation venerates pagan gods, God will use that nation to come against you in the hope that you will repent. The new Babylonians are coming rapidly, bringing violence and fear with them, but the righteous will live by faith. (Habakkuk)


A sign in the heavens or a non-sign? On September 23rd an extremely rare line-up of a number of heavenly bodies will occur centred around the constellation of Virgo. Virgo is giving birth to Jupiter, the king planet. Numerous people on the internet are seeing this as highly significant and connecting it with the woman in Revelation 12 who gives birth to a male child. They say it must be important but don’t want to set dates. Being rare doesn’t guarantee something is important.

According to the apostle John, it is a ‘great sign’ so we need to pay special attention. To understand symbolism in the book of Revelation one needs to know the Old Testament. The OT explains who she is and the sun and moon and crown of 12 stars. Read Genesis 37:9-10. Joseph is a type of Christ in dozens of ways. Jacob and Rachel and the 12 brothers are who are depicted in the sign in Revelation 12. The male child will rule all the nations with an iron rod and is without doubt Jesus. In Genesis 32 Jacob wrestles with God and is given the name of Israel. The woman is Israel who gives birth to Jesus who is then caught up into heaven.

In verse 3 of Revelation another sign appears in heaven: “An enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads.” This sign is also in heaven. So why aren’t people reporting another line-up of heavenly bodies that form this weird dragon? It is not Satan as he does not have seven heads, etc. It is a composite dragon, but has the characteristics of Satan. We know from Daniel that horns represent kings or kingdoms. The horns are most likely seven satanically inspired nations prior to the birth of Christ who wanted to destroy the line from Abraham which would prevent the birth of the male child, beginning with Egypt.

If anyone should see a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns in the sky, I’d be interested to know about it!


There is now a 5-week Study Guide for The Shack. Liberal churches across America are now using The Shack to supposedly teach the Bible to people. Many strongly recommended The Shack. But readers receive a false gospel, a false Jesus and a New Age message of Universal salvation. Some fallacies taught include: God will never demand justice because of love, there is no such thing as eternal judgment or torment in hell, God submits to human wishes and choices. True Christians should not need to be warned about The Shack. Scripture warns us that in the end times there will be many spiritually wicked individuals masquerading as servants of God who will deceive many. The false “Christ” of The Shack has big plans to deceive many. Wm. Paul Young has just written another book, Lies We Believe About God, in which he endorses his belief of Universal salvation. He teaches that “every single human being is in Christ” and that “Christ is in them.”


There are many anniversaries in 2017, especially to do with Israel, but some are connected with the Catholic Church. You should already be aware of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in November, and you can be sure there will be a big push to bring Evangelicals and Protestants back under Rome then.

But there are others. Pope Francis has extended an invitation to Catholic charismatics, evangelicals and Christians to come to Rome at the end of May or early June this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Global Catholic Charismatic Revival. This is over Pentecost and the idea is to celebrate unity.

Also in May is the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of ‘Mary’ in Fatima, Portugal. The International Marian Association has requested that the pope publicly refer to Mary as “co-redemptrix with Jesus the redeemer” at this time.

Roman Catholicism attributes many of Christ’s characteristics to Mary, e.g., both conceived without sin, both the source of grace, both are our advocates. The Bible, however, teaches that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man and that He alone shed His precious blood for our sins so that we could be forgiven. Catholics take glory from Jesus and give it to Mary. God sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins on the cross, not Mary. They have added to God’s perfect Holy Word with new revelation (Gnosticism) which is warned against.


As in the days of Noah and Lot: A mother and son are transitioning to ‘father and daughter; A new book, ‘Toni the Tampon’ teaches children that men can menstruate; Calvary Baptist Church, a progressive Baptist landmark in the heart of downtown Washington, has named a lesbian couple as co-pastors; The number of Swedish children wanting to change gender is doubling each year. The children coming for ‘transitioning’ are also getting younger and younger. More adults are seeking to change their gender too.


Stephen Sizer has been effectively banned from ministry by the Church of England five weeks prior to his retirement for violating the terms of remaining in ministry with renewed anti-Israel rants. He had been required to cease all preaching, teaching and leading of services. Stephen Sizer and other Anglicans, included ones in New Zealand, have supported Naim Ateek’s Sabeel ecumenical centre in Jerusalem which is dedicated to the work of liberating Palestinians. The movement goes to the extent of making Jesus a Palestinian.


Letter to the Editor of the Waikato Times March 18th: “What sort of society gives the W(h)anganui river the legal status of a person . . . and yet denies the same to an unborn child?”

An opinion piece by Narelle Henson at the top of the same page reads: Overhaul of abortion laws overdue. She points out that aborting calves was made illegal three years ago on the basis that it was ‘inhumane.’ She says that science has advanced to the stage where we can now see the contents of the womb and it is obvious that they are individual members of the human species.



  • Australia’s third largest Christian denomination, the Uniting Church, has paid out 17 million dollars to child abuse victims. The church says it has had 2054 complaints since it was formed in 1977.


  • The 7th of June marks fifty years since the liberation and reunification of the city of Jerusalem by the Israel Defence Forces. As the jubilee approaches, the Knesset has, for the first time, proposed establishing a government body focused on strengthening the connection between the Jewish State and the Temple Mount, its holiest site. A $550,00 yearly budget will be added to the already existing Western Wall Heritage Fund, establishing the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation. It will be responsible for “research, information and advocacy” about the Jewish connection to the site. This move has generated anger among Palestinian politicians who believed recent efforts by the UN to erase this Jewish connection were successful.


  • China Aid’s 2016 Annual Persecution Report details a seismic shift in the Chinese government’s approach to religious policy that is expected to lead to further persecution. The activities of religious institutions are targeted and then become subject to government oversight, effectively forcing them to fit the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party.


  • Chinese Christians are still attending underground churches despite the risk of persecution. Last year approximately 100 million people throughout China worshipped in these churches.


  • Two Christian street preachers, from the UK and US, were arrested and found guilty for publicly preaching the Bible on the streets of Bristol in July 2016. Their offense was listed as “violating the Crime and Disorder Act” a law which bans speech or behaviour that results in “intentional harassment, alarm or distress” that is “racially or religiously aggravated.” The fine was set at just under $2,500 each. Included in their preaching was that Jesus is the only way to God.


  • In the UK, Islamic books promoting jihad and the killing of gays and adulterers are being sold openly. One book sold at the Madina Book Centre in Birmingham called Bringing up Children in Islam encourages parents to ‘keep alive in the children the spirit of jihad.’ Nobody dares to complain as that would be “Islamophobic.” The book also speaks out against cinema and theatre, arguing they are the work of “evil-minded” Jews before warning of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.


When trials come:Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” (James 1:2-3)


New Lighthouse Trails booklet: Faith under Fire: Are you growing in it or fleeing from it?

Heresy and Biblical Authority. Jacob Prasch.
Someone asked me about a teaching on body, soul and spirit and psychology. This is discussed at the beginning.


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