Be Very Alert! No 241

Be Very Alert!- By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                                                  No 241, May 23, 2017

There are so many things happening now and together they hint at what is to come but in a more intensified form. Be ready! Here are some of the latest:

  • The momentum to unify all religions is shooting ahead. US President Donald Trump has joined in. By the time you read this he will have visited Saudi Arabia where he will have lunched with leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries and urged unity between the world’s major faiths. In Riyadh, he is also expected to lay out his vision for a new regional security architecture White House officials call an “Arab NATO,” to guide the fight against terrorism and push back against Iran. As a cornerstone of the plan, Trump will also announce one of the largest arms-sales deals in history worth tens of billions of dollars.
  • A church has been converted to a mosque in a rural North Carolina county. A group of Episcopal, Methodist and Baptist pastors took part in the conversion ceremony in an effort to “show mutual respect” for their Muslim neighbours. Rev. Jim Melnyk (Episcopal) said he personally worshiped Allah during the service. He believes that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all people of the book.
  • France has a new president, Emmanuel Macron. He has been described as a useful idiot of Islamism. He does not see Islam as a threat. His political movement has been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood militants and he has promised to facilitate the building of mosques in France. The globalists like Macron have allied themselves with Muslim radicals as they have a common goal in breaking down national borders.
    Most of Macron’s education was at a Jesuit school. He is a globalist and an open promotor of multiculturalism. Many of the people who voted for him did so because they didn’t want Marine Le Pen in, not because they liked his policies. Globalist George Soros poured money around to stop Le Pen getting in. After 6 Islamic terror attacks with 238 dead in 3 years, 90% of the voters in Paris still voted for Macron. Le Pen had been critical of Islamisation and had called for a halt to immigration because of her concerns about national security. It sounds like a rehash of WWII when Adolf Hitler rolled into France with almost no opposition. The French are giving in to Islam without a fight.
  • One of New Zealand’s biggest supermarket chains has a new policy supporting transgender staff members. LGBTQ advocates hail it as a “spectacular” step forward. Countdown is promising trans employees support over correct name and pronoun use, and the right to use whichever toilets and changing rooms match their gender identity. The policy also includes the right to use any available leave including sick leave for medical treatments needed while transitioning.
  • In America, Target stores are aggressively promoting Gay Pride merchandise, including t-shirts, swimwear, headphones, iPhone cases and many other products emblazoned with LGBT logos. Last year they allowed men to enter women’s toilets if they felt that was the right gender for them. As a result, they faced a giant financial downturn.
  • A Japanese nun with Argentinian citizenship has been arrested in Argentina for helping priests to rape deaf children at a school for young people with disabilities. The offending has been described as “diabolical sexual abuse” that included forced oral sex and raping. During an inspection of the school, the police discovered piles of pornographic magazines and about $34,000 in the room of one of the priests. The nun has been accused of physical abuse too.
  • It is feared that the Pope may be retreating from his crackdown on paedophile priests as Vatican bureaucrats do all they can to undermine reform efforts, a senior Australian Catholic official has warned. There are reports that Pope Francis is starting to go light on some paedophile priests.
    A total of 1880 priests, religious brothers and sisters, and lay people have been identified as alleged perpetrators in abuse claims made to the Australian Catholic Church by 4445 victims. Explosive claims of child sex abuse have also been levelled against Australia’s highest-ranking Catholic official, Cardinal George Pell. A book, Cardinal; The Rise and Fall of George Pell, is about to be released that details claims that he sexually abused cathedral choirboys. It also contains information about the child abuse cover-up within the Church.
  • The largest cyber attack in history has shocked the world. The ransomware attackers have claimed 200,000 victims in 150 countries, demanding payment in bitcoins to unlock their files. The cyber attack paralysed computers that run Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway and scores of other companies and government agencies worldwide. The Russian Interior Ministry and companies including Spain’s Telefonica, FedEx Corp. in the US and French carmaker Renault all reported disruptions. The way the world is connected now by the internet we can expect more global disruptions in the future too. It gives us an inkling of the huge disruption that an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would create if exploded high above a large population centre. Such an event could cause the collapse of a society. God is in control and we need not fear these things!
  • The University of Arizona is seeking applications for “social justice advocates” whose job it will be to root out students accused of bias. What is basically means that if you don’t agree with the university’s policies and rules, they will endeavour to get you to change your opinions.
  • In 2015 Germany passed a law that allows for property to be seized to be used for refugees. It is now happening. Soeren Kern reports that in Hamburg authorities have confiscated six residential units near the city centre which they are renovating at the owners’ cost and will rent them to tenants chosen by the city. Concerned citizens are now asking if authorities will limit the maximum amount of living space per person and force those with large apartments to share them with strangers. There are an estimated 8 million or more Muslims waiting to enter Europe.



In dispensationalism, past, present and future history are divided up into successive “dispensations” with each one emphasising a certain aspect of the way God deals with man, especially in a covenant relationship. These people usually come up with 7 dispensations.

In the extreme form of dispensationalism, each stage is regarded as being distinct and mutually exclusive, e.g., during the Dispensation of the Law there is no grace, and during the Age of Grace (Church Age), there is no law. This can easily be shown to be untrue. God showed grace numerous times under the old covenant (OT), and God showed His wrath in the NT when in Acts 5 when Ananias and Sapphira lied and will show His full wrath in the last stages of the final 7 years. God’s character does not change. He is always both a God of love and grace, and a God who must judge sin. There are 100s of commands in the NT for Christians to obey.

Pretribulationists believe that the Church must be taken out in the Rapture before the last seven years when the Antichrist reigns as they believe that God doesn’t deal with the Church and Israel at the same time. However, precise separation is impossible to show as, for example, God brought Israel back as a nation in 1948.

In order to defend their pretribulation position that the Church and Israel can’t be in the last seven years together, pre-tribbers come up with all sorts of things to defend their theories as they can’t find support in Scripture.

In Rapture Forums, Pete Garcia credits the beginning of dispensationalism to John Nelson Darby in the early 1800s. He believes that it resulted from progressive illumination since the start of the Church, with its ultimate conclusion sequentially at the Rapture, the Tribulation, the 2nd coming of Christ and the kingdom reign of Jesus. So Darby, he says, did not invent dispensationalism. He claims God has revealed it to us in these last days.

Someone from Oxford, England, has gone as far as to say that if you are not teaching a pre-trib view then you are leaven and need to be got rid of! This would include people like Spurgeon.

Pre-tribbers have a problem with the 5th Seal of Revelation 6 where there are martyrs, who have died during the Seals, crying out for justice as they claim that the last seven years are all God’s wrath and God has said Christians will not suffer His wrath. To get round this problem, well-known prophecy teacher Bill Salus has proposed a mysterious gap between the Rapture and the last seven years and places the 5th Seal in it. This view is not supported by Scripture.



  • Giulio Meotti has commented on the number of childless leaders in Europe. As they have no children, they seem to have no reason to worry about the future of their continent. He says, “They are modern, open minded and multicultural and they know that “everything finishes with them.”” As in a research report financed by the European Union: “No kids, no problem!” The most important childless leaders are British PM Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch PM Mark Rutte, French President Emmanuel Macron, Swedish PM Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel and Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon.
  • Mexico was the second deadliest country last year. Mexico’s drug wars claimed 23,000 lives. In Syria 50,000 people died as a result of the civil war.
  • Over a thousand Swedes have chosen to voluntary implant a microchip under their skin to keep track of personal health data and avoid the necessity of having to remember a password. The microchip, which takes only a moment to install, can be read from several decimeters’ distance and its contents can be altered using a mobile phone. From that moment onwards, the digital microchip may be used for many features commonly performed in Scandinavia using mobile phones, such as opening and unlocking doors, paying for goods and services, and storing data.
  • In the US, many well-known chains are closing stores this year: over 21 retailers are closing 3591 stores. Many stores closed last year and thousands of jobs have been lost. It is called the “retail apocalypse.” There are a number of reasons for this. More people are buying through the internet and more people just can’t afford to buy. According to one analyst, “about one-third of malls in the US will shut their doors in coming years.” In one example, in West Baltimore block after block “resembles a post-apocalyptic view of America, if industry fails to return.” The homicide rate is spiralling out of control and some areas are so bad that mobile police stations in 40 foot RVs are patrolling the streets.
  • From coast to coast in the US, parents are rebelling against what they describe as Islamic indoctrination of their children in public schools. In Florida, for example, parents are protesting a newly approved textbook they say whitewashes Islam’s violent history of conquest and subjugation, while in San Diego, an angry father confronted the city’s school board about its partnership with the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations in an “anti-bullying” program.
  • For every new Christian in the UK, 26 more leave the faith.



A Biblical & Theological Refutation of Wm. Paul Young’s book, “Lies We Believe About God” (First in a series by Larry DeBruyn) Young is author of The Shack.

Tear Fund New Zealand. Anti-Zionism and pro-Palestinianism

How would you like to be confronted by this when you go into a store? Target in America

The meaning of the word Zion (11 minutes)


When trials come: “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men. But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.” (1 Cor 19-20)

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