Be Very Alert! No 278 and 279

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                        No 278, 10 December, 2018


   Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It originated in 1621 when the pilgrims gave thanks for their first bountiful harvest at Plymouth Rock. Now it is not just a harvest thanksgiving but also a time for giving thanks for the foundation of the nation. We in New Zealand have much to be thankful for, even though we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the way Americans do.

   We have, however, caught on to Black Friday and the days of greed following Thanksgiving in a big way. It truly is a festival of consumer greed when shoppers are caught up in overindulgence and getting what you want. The day after Thanksgiving was first dubbed Black Friday in 1961 as it was the time of the year when retailers moved into profit. The companion to Black Friday is Cyber Monday.

   Liam Dann has some interesting things to say in his article “Festival of consumer greed won’t save retail.” He says that Black Friday and Cyber Monday reward shoppers with something more like the addictive hit of a gambling win. A good bargain makes us feel like we’ve outsmarted someone, a kind of personal triumph. A 2013 study by some psychologists showed that we’re actually likely to get less enjoyment from goods we’ve purchased at a large discount. Many now use Black Friday to buy cheap Christmas presents.

   Christians have much to thank God for. We have the blessed hope that one day we will be with Jesus and with a body like His glorious one. But Thanksgiving in the US has also turned from what it once was. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade which was shown on TV featured the first same-sex kiss in the Parade’s 94-year history.

   In the UK, a school in North Yorkshire has banned all things Christmas related, saying the holiday has become “too commercial.” The school claims it is trying to highlight the true meaning of Christmas. Santa did appear at an assembly at the school and told students to think about what Christmas was really all about, without getting “lost and buried under an avalanche of commercialisation.”

   More on parades: The NZ Police have been “banned” from wearing uniforms to the Auckland 2019 Pride Parade in February. The Pride board said it had made the decision because some members of the rainbow community felt unsafe participating in the parade with police presence. A Stuff poll showed that 86 per cent of voters didn’t think police should be banned. The Pride Parade has lost a number of sponsors because of the ban.

   Also in Auckland, The Parade Trust Board ditched its longstanding Santa for the city’s Christmas parade after he said he wouldn’t hire women to play Father Christmas, but was later reinstated. Neville Baker said there’s a certain character people expect to find when they come to meet Santa. Stuff has run two polls, both of which have received a flood of responses saying Santa is, and can only be, a man. A spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission said sex was a “prohibited ground of discrimination” under the Act. But there were a number of circumstances where it would not be unlawful to discriminate on the ground of gender, like if the role involved counselling on personal matters, or a combat role in armed forces. “For reasons of authenticity” was also included in this list.

   Santa is Satan’s replacement for Father God. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has a problem with sex roles too. He says that God is “not male nor female,” after female bishops demanded that the Church of England stop referring to God solely as “he.”

   National Party leader Simon Bridges created controversy by saying: “Mary Poppins is a woman, Santa Claus is a man. That’s how it should be.” There is now a “gender-busting” Santa dressed in fish-net stockings, holding a bag and umbrella at Auckland’s Ponsonby Central retail centre.

   After a massive Islamic terror attack in 2016, Berlin’s Christmas Market will now look more like a military base. Christmas markets in Germany were widely known for their great ambiance and their tasty “Glühwein”, but this is changing rapidly. The area is now sealed off with bollards and a 100 square metal baskets filled with sand are being screwed into a long row. Several streets are now one-way. Only buses, bicycles and delivery traffic may still drive on the usual tracks “against the current.” So much for a time of peace and goodwill!

   Why are Christians celebrating Christmas anyway? The emperor Constantine chose the date as it also lined up with a pagan festival. Pope Julius 1 later confirmed it as a date for Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ. Jesus was not born on December 25th but most likely born when the autumn Feast of Trumpets is celebrated. He was certainly not born in winter. Children are taught lies about the Bible. The Bible does not say there were only three wise men. Neither did they come to see Jesus at the time of His birth but later when Joseph, Mary and Jesus were in a house. Christmas is also a time of great stress for families and Women’s Refuges are preparing themselves for the annual influx of abused women. It is not a time of peace for many families.

   Today Christmas is based on commercialism, Christmas trees and God the Father substitute Santa Claus. Children are far more interested in expensive presents than in the birth of Jesus who came to bring the most precious gift of all, salvation to all who will believe in Him. A more appropriate celebration around December is Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, which Jesus Himself celebrated (John 10:22-23). Our focus should be on King Jesus and His return, not on His birth.


   Anti-Semitism: Jewish students and groups across Canada slammed the Canadian Federation of Students for approving a resolution supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel. Hate crimes against Jews in Canada have spiked 60 percent since last year, making them the most targeted minority group in the country for the second straight year. Airbnb has delisted homes in the Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria. Airbnb is now facing a class-action lawsuit from the settlers who claim that they are being unfairly targeted. Airbnb has not delisted homes in other disputed territories. In the US, the Beverly Hills city council has unanimously called for a boycott of Airbnb until the company reconsiders its policy against Israeli settlements. Anti-Semitic acts in France rose by 69 percent in the first nine months of 2018, PM Édouard Philippe said on the 80th anniversary of the infamous “Kristallnacht” attacks on Jews in Nazi Germany.

   Islam: In France, a Muslim migrant was acquitted of the rape of a high-school girl because he has “different cultural norms.” Of the 103 first graders in a school in Berlin’s Neukölln suburb, only one speaks German at home. It is a result of working class Germans leaving the area, migrant family reunifications and tax measures. A chapel in Linz, Austria, is set to blast out the Muslim call to prayer each day throughout the Christmas period as part of an ‘art installation’ aimed at emphasising that Islam is a religion of peace.

   Days of Lot: In the US, schools in Washington D.C. have announced that next year’s enrolment form will allow parents to choose between three “gender” options for their child: male, female or “non-binary.” In Australia, a wedding magazine has been forced to shut down after the Christian owners refused to feature same-sex couples. Also in Australia, walking same-sex couples have been installed in green pedestrian lights in a suburb of Canberra. It is part of the city’s initiative to recognize the diversity of the community. Two universities in London have stopped using the word “woman” because it is not inclusive enough. They have adopted “womxn” as its replacement to “promote intersectionality.”

   In the US, over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs. One out of every six Americans now take some type of medication in this category. Many of these drugs have scary side effects and poor effectiveness.

   Mexico has been deporting migrants who tried to storm the US/Mexico border near Tijuana. A US Department of Homeland Security chief claims that there are 600 convicted criminals hiding in the migrant caravans.

   An advertisement being run on TVs in the emergency rooms of a health system in Canada, where those who are hurting, injured, depressed and suffering wait for help, is promoting euthanasia.

   Syria has begun granting citizenship to hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iranians to thwart Israel and create a ‘Shiite Crescent’ caliphate in the Middle East.


   Do you want to be a man or woman after God’s own heart? In 1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 David, son of Jesse, is described as a man after God’s own heart. David was absolutely passionate about God and recognised Him for who He is. As we are required to do too, David repented of his sins and asked for forgiveness.

   “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” (Ps 62:1-2) Today many Christians are seeking rest in other places – yoga, Eastern meditation, “How to…” books, and so forth. People who call themselves Christians are also seeking salvation in other ways – through cults, through Mary and the pope, through good works, or often just hoping they are saved. Jesus is our rock and we can find all we need in Him alone. In Him we will not be tossed by every wind of doctrine.

   “Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Saviour, and my hope is in You all day long.” (Ps 25:4-5) To be a man or woman after God’s own heart we need to be praying people like David and seek God’s guidance which we can find in His Word.

   The things that made David a man after God’s own heart are repeated in the New Testament. As you read David’s Psalms, note what would have made God describe him in such a way and see what areas of your own life are in need of attention.

   The next Alert! will appear about the end of January/beginning of February, God willing. I encourage you all to spend more time in the Word, prayer and praise. We need the Bible desperately in this age of deceit. It will give you the strength and tools to deal with false teachings and persecution. People fall because they don’t know what the Word of God says. Many will read anything rather than the Bible. We all need to be like the Bereans and check everything out we read or hear by God’s Word. Many thousands of preachers have never studied the Bible properly.

   I wish to extend a big thank you to all who have encouraged me in various ways, and a special thank you for your prayers. Just over a year ago I was in Accident and Emergency with positive pressure into my lungs to force out fluid that was suffocating me. But God kept me alive. I have increasing breathing problems from constricted arteries, but that is all in God’s hands.

   Whatever you do, don’t let other issues rob you of your main focus: your relationship and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and our blessed hope in the resurrection. My great desire is to see you all fully prepared for what is coming and to be kept on the narrow way, so that you will receive a joyous reception when you reach your final home.

May you have a blessed holiday season!

Be Very Alert!  – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                       No 279, 28 January, 2019


God has frequently used disasters to control the movement of people and will continue to do so until the end of this age when Jesus Christ, the King of kings, sets up His earthly reign in Jerusalem. He has, for instance, used famines, wars, ethnic conflicts, floods, droughts, and now the civil war in Syria to spread Islam. He uses anti-Semitism to get Jews back to Israel. We must be ready to respond when these things happen. Disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity. God says, “I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord, do all these things.” (Isa 44:7)

   One disaster in the making is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The latest completion date for this massive dam is 2022. It will be the seventh-largest dam in the world and Africa’s largest hydroelectric power plant. Anxiety is growing in Egypt as it will interrupt the flow of the Blue Nile. Egypt gets 80% of its water from the Blue Nile. There will be much water loss by evaporation from the lake behind the dam. However, the decreased flow while the lake is filling is of great concern to Egypt as Egypt relies heavily on the Nile which supplies 97% of its water needs. Egypt is already near the UN threshold of water poverty and calls it one of the most water-stressed nations on the planet.

   What is happening here seems to be a preparation for the fulfilment of the Isaiah 19 prophecies. “The waters of the river will dry up, and the riverbed will be parched and dry. The canals will stink; the streams of Egypt will dwindle and dry up. But there is good news coming for Egypt later. At the end of the chapter Egypt calls out to the Lord for help and He will heal them in a mighty way. However, if they don’t go up to Jerusalem to the Feast of Tabernacles during Christ’s millennial reign, they will have no rain (Zech 14:17-18).

   Psalm 46 describes a huge earthquake and Jesus setting up His millennial reign, dealing with the nations and bringing in peace. Revelation 16:17-21 describes the 7th Bowl judgement which includes the final and largest earthquake that the earth has ever known. It appears to be the same earthquake as in Psalm 46. Psalm 46 describes how the earth will give way and the mountains will fall into the heart of the sea. We had a taste of this recently when the Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia triggered a tsunami killing hundreds. The volcano lost two-thirds of its height and volume when rock and ash sheared into the sea creating the tsunami. What Psalm 46 and Revelation 16 describe will be far more terrifying.

   There are other volcanoes around the world which could slip into the sea and create tsunamis too. One of concern is Cumbre Vieja on the volcanic ocean island of La Palma in the Canary Islands off Spain. It is feared it could create a mega-tsunami.


There is now a huge move by many prominent globalists to break down national borders and allow easy migration. It is slowly coming in by stealth and each victory serves as a platform for the next step which will eventually be a global government under the Antichrist. Globalism is sold as a step towards world peace, but the servants of God are not called to prepare the way for the Antichrist but to preach a saving Gospel to the lost and disciple people. 

   The UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which defines immigration as “beneficial” for the host countries has now been formally endorsed by a large majority of nations on December 19, with NZ now one of the signatories. The National Party has criticised the move as threatening NZ’s sovereign right to make its own immigration laws. The Compact is not legally binding, but is a step on the way and criticism of it is certain to become illegal one day. In NZ, the Crown Law Office has published an opinion as guidance to the NZ Government. Although the Compact will not be legally binding, courts may be willing to refer to it and to take it into account as an aid in interpreting legislation.

   In Belgium, amid violent protests, the Prime Minister Charles Michel has resigned over his support for the UN migration Pact. The Chancellor of Austria has stated that the compact would reduce Austria’s sovereignty and mix up differences between illegal and legal immigration. Australia and Israel are among the countries refusing to sign it.

   In the US, President Donald Trump is demanding $5.7 billion to build a border wall with Mexico and at the time of writing this the US has been in partial shutdown as the Democrats will not agree to it. In the meantime, thousands come illegally across the border bringing with them diseases such as hepatitis, TB and HIV, putting considerable pressure on the American economy. The new governor of California is promising that California will grant sanctuary to all who seek it there in a direct affront to Trump’s immigration policies.

   Pope Francis has called on migrants to flood the United States and other Western nations whilst urging world leaders to “forget about national security” concerns as immigrant’s needs are “more important” than borders.

   In France, what began as a protest against a proposed hike in fuel prices has turned into a massive protest across the country against President Macron’s globalist policies. Seventy-five percent now disapprove of his government.

   In the Bible the Antichrist is also referred to as the Assyrian (Isa 10:12 on). The Assyrian (the coming world leader) says, “I removed the boundaries of nations, I plundered their treasures; like a mighty one I subdued their kings.”

   We are racing madly towards the end of this age at an ever-increasing pace. Are you ready for all these things and are you ready to meet Jesus? Have you submitted every aspect of your life to Him? If not, do it now before it is too late.


   A poll of 10,000 people from every region of the world which was commissioned by the World Economic Forum has found that the global public favours cooperation between nations and thinks immigration is a good thing.

   Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy PM, wants to form a group of EU nations who are interested in nationalism, rather than globalism, especially regarding mass migration. They would like to see key powers removed from the unelected European Parliament in Brussels and the sovereignty of nations regained.  One German newspaper in Hamburg says that supporters of a party opposed to mass Muslim migration should be denied the right to vote.

   China continues its crackdown on Christianity. Recently officials entered a church and ordered the removal of the first commandment – “You shall have no other gods before me.” China is creating church-free zones around schools and is requiring places of worship to submit the names of their youth members. Another document, issued by the Religious Affairs Bureau, declares: “All private Christian gathering sites around universities and colleges, as well as on-campus activity sites, are to be shut down in accordance with the law.

   DC Comics is to release a controversial ‘Second Coming’ of Jesus for adults. The plot summary reads: “Witness the return of Jesus Christ, as He is sent on a most holy mission by God to learn what it takes to be the true messiah of mankind by becoming roommates with the world’s favorite savior: the all-powerful superhero Sun-Man, the Last Son of Krispex!”

   Michael Curry, the head of the Episcopal Church, is punishing a NY bishop who refused to allow same-sex wedding ceremonies in his diocese by a partial restriction on his ministry.

   The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) has become the latest Christian denomination to accept transgenders and same-sex unions.

   Southern Star “Christian” radio continues to show how apostate it is. One woman has been quoting from Marianne Williamson, promoter of the New Age channelled book, ‘A Course in Miracles.’ Williamson is a friend of Oprah Winfrey and is considering putting herself forward as a presidential candidate.

   According to the co-founder of the French Green Party, benefits for native European families should be removed in order to encourage them to have fewer children so that more room can be made for Muslim migrants.

   Meanwhile, Germany and France want to make the EU a more decisive power on the world stage and are forming a united EU army.

   Globalists want the population of the earth reduced considerably. This is being brought about as masses are deliberately poisoned with toxic pharmaceuticals, pesticides, 5G wireless, hormone disruptors and toxic vaccines.

DAYS OF LOT (Luke 17:28)

   If you need even more convincing that we are rapidly closing in on the end of the age, just look at the increase in sexual immorality. Examples: Oxford students want a professor fired for pro-traditional marriage statements. If you are a biological male who identifies as a woman, expect to be invited for cervical screening, even though you have no cervix. A Christian philosopher says that New York’s gender X birth certificate makes male and female obsolete. The Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City treats 1,000 children each year who have been sexually assaulted by other children between the ages of 11 and 15. America’s second oldest women-only college has announced it will begin accepting admission applications from transgender candidates, explaining that the school has “expanded its definition of womanhood.” Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau has permitted the issuing a new one-dollar coin designed to commemorate the decriminalisation of homosexuality. An 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced at a gay bar had dollar bills thrown at him. A 10-year-old boy dressed in drag was photographed with a naked adult drag queen. The first ever male, who identifies as trans and claims to be a woman, competed in the Miss Universe pageant representing Spain. A Democratic state Senator has banned the use of ‘he/she’ pronouns during hearings, allowing only ‘gender neutral’ ones. UK hospitals are allowing men to stay in women-only wards if they identify as transgender. There are hundreds more examples. However, dozens of trans-regretters are now “out of the closet,” but the media aren’t interested in them.


   In Israel, elections for the 21st Knesset will be on 9 April this year. Israel is bombing 100s of Iranian targets in Syria as it aims to remove Iran from the area. Hamas in Gaza continues their Friday protests with clashes with the IDF at a number of places on the border. The protests have continued for over 40 weeks now.  In addition to rocket fire and airborne incendiary devices, residents of Israeli communities bordering Gaza are now battling the putrid smell of giant landfills and sewage which is also polluting Israel’s groundwater.

   Recently Malaysia banned Israeli participants in the upcoming Paralympic Swimming World Championships. Following that ban, the Malaysian PM received criticism for the decision but now adds that his country will not allow Israelis to enter it because “Israel does many bad things but it does not get reprimanded.”

   Amnesty International is planning to target Israel with several “intense” campaigns early this year which include a plan to delegitimize the Jewish historical connections to Jerusalem.

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