Be Very Alert! No 283

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                                                                              No 283, 25 March 2019


“But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last days.” (2 Tim 3:1)

   Civilisation as the West has known it is disappearing rapidly. You should be aware now of the areas in European countries which are too dangerous even for the police to enter, and all the violence being perpetrated by mainly Muslim immigrants. As the globalists, of which some of the chief ones are Pope Francis, George Soros and the UN, spread their toxic policies of breaking down national borders, civilisations will collapse even further. Here are some recent signs:

   In London, Mayor Sadiq Khan has admitted defeat on London’s knife crime epidemic as stabbing attacks skyrocket all over Britain. School children in the UK are to be taught how to treat knife wounds as the number of teens being stabbed has been soaring. New first aid classes are being planned where children will learn, among other things, how to apply pressure to a wound. NZ is not without a knife stabbing problem too. 

   In Los Angeles there is an epidemic of a different kind brewing. There is an outbreak of typhus, a horrific disease spread by fleas on rats, and it is spreading through the homeless camps on Skid Row and now through public buildings including City Hall. Skid Row where the homeless live in tents on the footpaths now spreads over 50 city blocks. Homelessness is also a problem throughout the county.

   The rise of Socialism is a problem. Margaret Thatcher once said that “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” But most of the youth in the West are now taught in schools and universities that there is no God and have no idea of what truth is. Young people are being indoctrinated into Socialism and progressive thought at a rapid rate. As more voters support Socialism and deny the existence of the God of the Bible, we can expect more Western countries to collapse into a chaos that only a return to God can rescue them from.

   If you want an example of how Socialism can destroy a country you need look no further than Venezuela. Venezuela has vast oil reserves and should be a rich country. Rich Lowry, writing for the New York Post, says “Venezuela is a woeful reminder that no country is so rich that it can’t be driven into the ground by revolutionary socialism. It was once the fourth-richest country in the world on a per-capita basis.” Now Venezuela totters on the brink of bankruptcy, corruption is rife and the suffering of ordinary people is staggering. There is a shortage of basic supplies, zoo animals are being killed for food, they have had long blackouts putting water distribution out too, hospitals are not coping and thieves have run out of things to steal so are leaving the country. The Economist calls the country’s economic decline “the steepest in modern Latin American history.” In the meantime the elite continue to live in luxury. Western nations should be warned!

   My morning’s news of 15 March is a good indicator of how far away NZ is going from God’s ways. For starters, there was concern about the number of children being abused in foster homes, a discussion on the legalisation of marijuana, and the kiwi school kids taking part in the Strike 4 Climate Change global movement. These are all things that happen when people move away from God.

   There was a whole page about cannabis law reform. A Horizon poll shows that 75% of Maori plan to vote in favour at the referendum which will accompany the general election next year. Maori are far more likely to be affected by substance abuse and accompanying brain damage than non-Maori and hence more likely to end in prison or requiring mental health assistance. Our PM Jacinda Ardern is in favour of legalisation of cannabis and no doubt holding the referendum along with the election will ensure a good turnout of people, especially younger people and those on the weed, and will ensure her return to power. There is no understanding that cannabis today is far stronger than it used to be. The Bible warns that drug-users will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

   On 15 March too, 1000s of schoolkids across the country skipped school and protested that NZ is not doing enough to stop climate change. They firmly believe that adults should be doing more to protect their future. These kids have been taught evolution theory and if the climate is not what they expect it to be, then humans must be at fault. They have no understanding of a Creator God who is in charge of natural events, not only climate but also earthquakes and volcanos.

   At the end of last year NZ passed legislation that bans new offshore oil and gas exploration. If there was no oil available in NZ, the country would come to a halt. For example, there would be no delivery of produce to the markets or anything else. At the moment there is no satisfactory alternative to fossil fuel for transport. These kids have not thought things through. 

   Later in the same day, Whanganui held its first ever Pride festival and is now looking to become the LGBTQI capital of NZ.

   But that was not all that happened on 15 March…


   In the afternoon of 15 March, we were stunned with the news of the Christchurch massacre where 50 Muslims died after being shot and many still remain in hospital, 11 in critical care. The perpetrator, Australian Brenton Tarrant, is described by himself and others in many ways: a white supremacist, an eco-fascist, a far right terrorist, a far left extremist, an atheist, a Christian, an admirer of Communist China, and simply a nutcase! He attacked Muslims calling them the invaders. Police around the world have uncovered screeds of information about him. He sent copies of his Manifesto, called “The Great Replacement,” to some people beforehand and the whole event was live-steamed apparently by a camera on his head.

   He was not recognised by any government beforehand as a threat. There is certain to be a push for new tools to identify people like him using facial recognition and other techniques as used in China for social credit scores. You will be considered a risk if you don’t follow the government narrative.

   What happened in Christchurch is shocking and deeply disturbing. Our PM and New Zealanders have reached out in love and with generous financial aid to the traumatised victims and their families which is the right thing to do. These Muslims are mainly secular Muslims who had integrated well, with jobs or owning businesses themselves, and supporting themselves. But it does not take long for a radical political Muslim to infiltrate and recruit people to his dangerous cause. 

   But now things have gone way too far. Several years ago the name of Jesus was removed from our parliamentary opening prayer. But now in the space of a few days an imam gave a prayer in parliament and a “Christian” radio announcer called them our brothers and prayers for the shootings sounded like prayers for Christians, not for people who desperately need to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. New Zealanders of all religions were being encouraged to wear headscarves last Friday too to show support for the Muslim community, our PM Jacinda Ardern was photographed wearing a hijab at a meeting with survivors. 

   Our PM has spat in the face of the one true God who has brought NZ freedom and prosperity and we are now overdue for divine judgment. She has also insulted all Bible-believing Christians. The call to prayer which went out on the air waves across New Zealand includes “There is no god but Allah.” Allah is not the same god as the Christian God.

   What happened in Christchurch was shocking and we really feel for those affected. We as Christians should reach out in love to Muslims but to show true love to them we need to give them the Gospel message too.

   Students at Auckland’s St Paul’s College (Marist) were invited inside a Mosque in Ponsonby where they sang a rendition of the Maori hymn Mo Maria, a hymn to Mary. This is not surprising as the Catholic Catechism teaches that Muslims worship the same god as they do. But one of the strangest sights in the last week must surely be the students from a South Auckland Muslim school performing a vigorous haka in Muslim uniform!

   I am sure end-times events will be speeded up by the massacre. There could be a backlash against Bible-believing Christians and we must be prepared for discrimination and persecution, especially if we warn about the dangers of political Islam.  Last year,  thousands of  Christians were killed, persecuted or imprisoned because of their faith but this was ignored by the media globally. Although there were minute-by-minute updates of the Christchurch mosque shooting, those same outlets have been mostly silent on the recent mass slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by Muslim herdsmen. Those attacks have killed 140 people and destroyed 160 homes since 10 February and the number keeps rising.

“Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.”

   Now there are calls for the highly successful rugby team, the Crusaders, to change their name in the wake of the attack on the mosques. The Crusades were a series of religious and political wars fought between the 11th and 13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from Muslims. The football playing Crusaders have a pre-match warm-up that includes horsemen dressed as the historic Crusaders with shields and swords and their logo is also based on the Crusaders. Brenton Tarrant refers to the Crusaders in his Manifesto. He was also interested in historical figures who fought against the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

   Turkey’s President Erdogan has started a feud with Australia and NZ over the massacre. He has been playing footage of the killings at his election rallies and invoked the World War I battle of Gallipoli, where thousands of Australian and Kiwi troops were killed by Turkish forces. He warned anti-Muslim Australians that their grandfathers were “sent back in coffins” and they would share the same fate if they came to Turkey. Erdogan desperately wants to restore the Ottoman Empire back to its glory. Later he was more conciliatory and praised our PM for her leadership and said that all Western leaders must learn from her courage, leadership and sincerity and learn to embrace Muslims living in their respective countries.


   Five mosques in Birmingham have been targeted in a string of violent attacks in which their windows were smashed with sledgehammers. The attacks came just days after Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, announced that mosques are set to share in a multimillion pound government cash injection to boost security after the New Zealand terror attack in which 50 people died.

   Gaza celebrated International Women’s Day by using women as human shields while firing rockets at Israel. The Palestinian Authority used the day to celebrate female terrorists.

    In Poland, a newspaper’s front page ran an article on “how to recognise a Jew.”  It lists “names, anthropological features, expressions, appearances, character traits, methods of operation” and “disinformation activities.” The text also reads: “How to defeat them? This cannot go on!”

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Jacinda Ardern, Dubai Tower, Censorship, etc.

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