Be Very Alert! No’s 285 and 286

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                                    No 285, 22 April 2019


There are a number of things happening as an outcome of the massacre. Gun laws have been modified and already introduced, a royal commission of inquiry set up and, in the absence of hate crime laws, there is pressure on organisations to stop doing anything that they feel might upset Muslims.

   The Crusaders rugby club is expected to change its name although thousands are signing a petition not to rename it. Are we to change our beliefs and everything in our culture that might hurt the feelings of Muslims? Changing the name, which even some Muslims do not support, is a victory for Islam and the far Left.

   The country has downgraded from high alert but Returned Services ANZAC Day commemorations on the 25th are being cancelled in many places. There are fears over counter-actions to the Christchurch attack. Due to government policy only selected sites are considered suitable.

   This month, six educators from around NZ are travelling to Indonesia for 10 days as part of a two-way exchange.  Two of the educators are from Hamilton Girl’s High School where there are a large number of Muslim students. They will be hosted by Indonesian teachers and stay in their homes and spend time in Muslim schools. They will wake up to the Muslim call to prayer, experience attending the school mosque, and observe the five daily prayers. They will probably not hear about the ongoing persecution of Indonesian Christians by Muslims. One thing we can be certain of is that following the massacre Islam will be taught much more in schools and there will be more mosque visits and students saying the Muslim confession of faith, and perhaps even being asked to write an essay on “Why I became a Muslim” as has happened overseas. Students will certainly not be taught about the harmful nature of Islam, including honour killings and female genital mutilation.  

   What will happen to Christianity in schools? The Qur’an teaches that Christians and Jews are pigs and apes. This is taught in many Muslim schools. Parents in the US battle to keep the teaching of Islam out of schools and keep Bible teaching in. It is the start of a slippery slope as Christianity becomes increasingly marginalised.  

   The principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims must change their behaviour to conform to Islamic sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must change their behaviour to conform to Islamic sensibilities.


   Everyone is having their say on Israel (Izzy) Folau, superstar rugby football player for the Australian Wallabies, following his Instagram post which warned that people such as drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters are going to hell unless they repent.

   Folau has been served with a breach of notice and is in danger of losing his four-year, $4 million contract because, it is claimed, his post is homophobic. Folau was formerly a Mormon but now attends an AoG church. What Folau said is essentially true, but he has given are rather one-sided view of the Gospel message. We may know God’s will, but we need much wisdom in carrying it out. He should perhaps have also included a message about God’s love along the lines of John 3:16. Brian Houston, founder of Hillsong, has called on Folau to abandon his judgemental attitude and embrace love rather than trying to scare people to side with his religious beliefs. But people need to hear about both God’s love and His vengeance. Folau’s post has at least informed thousands of the fate of homosexuals.  

   A recent survey has found that half of America’s pastors are afraid to speak about controversial topics because they fear they might offend someone. Today pastors are often judged by attendance numbers and budget levels, and scaring people away is bad for business.

   The NZ Catholic Church too has spoken out against Israel Folau saying he has done a disservice to the church following his comments against homosexuals. Dame Lyndsay Freer, a church spokeswoman, says he is presenting God as a God of punishment and a God of vengeance, not a God of love and mercy and compassion. She says, “Pope Francis is big on God being a God of love, not a God of judgement.” Once when Francis was asked a question about homosexuality he said “if a person seeks the Lord with a sincere heart, who am I to judge them?” The Bible has already judged homosexuals and not only them, but all those who support them (Rom 1). This comes at a time when the Vatican is seeking to welcome LGBTQP members.

   An English rugby star Billy Vunipola has also been disciplined after coming out in support of Folau’s comments.

   Too many Christians today want to hide their faith, but thankfully there are some who will bravely speak out, even if they don’t get the message quite right.

   NZ’s Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki says that “this will be war” if anyone labels the Bible as hate speech. The NZ government is presently reviewing its laws surrounding hate speech.

      Someone has posted, “Imagine getting upset at someone for claiming the God you don’t believe in said in a book you don’t read that unless you repent of the sin you don’t care about, you will go to a place you don’t think exists!” We are in the Days of Lot and people no longer think rationally.

   Having said all that, remember that Folau’s suffering is nothing compared to the persecution of Christians in many places and what will come on us too, and nothing compared to the glory that is to come. The battle lines are being drawn up and we must all be prepared to stand up for our faith and what the Bible says.


   In NZ, euthanasia legislation is back again. The bill passed its first reading 76-44 but many MPs who supported it only promised to see it to the select committee stage. It now faces a vote in late May. Medical practitioners would be able to conscientiously object to involvement in assisting people to die. But it is the start of a slippery slope.

   Belgium now has the most liberal euthanasia laws in the world. You can end your life there by simply telling a doctor that you have unbearable physical or mental suffering. Terminally ill children of any age can receive a lethal injection if their parents agree with the child’s wishes.

   In the US, Americans with “no religion” have increased by 266% over the last three decades. Statues and symbols honouring Satan are now appearing at government buildings all across America.

   The Church of Sweden has created an LGBTQ guide to the Bible for children which identifies Jesus as ‘Queer’ and Joseph as a transvestite.

   Yale Law School will cut funding for certain summer fellowships for students whose employers have a narrower definition of gender identity. The Law School stated its commitment to LGBTQ equality.

   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormon church, has announced that the children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents can now be baptised in the church. In addition, the church said it no longer considers same-sex marriage “apostasy.”

   In Canada, a tribunal has fined a man $55,000 for “misgendering.” Bill Whatcott called a biological male (who identifies as a female) a “biological male.”

   Canadians have demonstrated at the country’s Royal Mint in Ottawa against a new coin to be released in the coming weeks that commemorates the decriminalisation of homosexual sex acts.

   The cable media network that President Trump first dubbed as “fake news,” CNN, is reportedly calling on digital retailer Amazon to stop selling all science books that contradict the mainstream government narrative that all vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective.

    In multicultural London a Muslim Uber driver cancelled a passenger’s journey, saying, “I don’t take Jews.”

   A German intelligence chief says that there are now 2,240 Islamic jihadis in Germany who “can launch an attack anytime.”

   The International Union of Muslim Scholars has urged imams around the world to preach violent jihad against Israel. The Prophet Muhammad said: “Resurrection Day will come only when the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them.”

   In Israel, Netanyahu is back in power for an unprecedented fifth term. He will now form a new Right-wing coalition to get a majority in the 120-seat Knesset.


   This week we have seen the Notre Dame in Paris partially destroyed by fire. Muslims are celebrating including ISIS. We don’t know yet if it was an accident or arson. Twelve French Catholic churches were attacked before the Notre Dame inferno, including Paris’ second largest church, Saint-Sulpice.

   Relics and treasures were rescued from Notre Dame, including a crown of thorns supposed to have been worn by Christ but apparently made of rushes. In NY City, idol-loving Catholics have lined up for hours for an opportunity to worship a 150-year-old preserved heart of a dead French priest, ‘Saint’ John Vianney, something expressly forbidden in the ten commandments. The ‘heart in a box’ has been doing the rounds of other states too. Catholics have been taught that they do not worship these idols but “venerate” them. However, veneration still gives honour and reverence to someone or something other than God hence is idolatry.

   In Rome, the newly restored Scala Sancta or Holy Stairs, which Jesus is said to have walked and have His blood on them, will be uncovered until Pentecost so that pilgrims can ascend the barren stairs while praying on their knees.

   Francis is increasingly ingratiating himself to Muslims. Recently in South Sudan, leaders were stunned as the pope knelt with difficulty to kiss the shoes of the two main opposing leaders and several other people in the room. He said, “I am asking you as a brother to stay in peace.”

   In France, a Catholic archbishop gave a short speech at the inauguration of the largest mosque in France, saying he was “delighted” for the Muslim community of Reims. About a fifth of the population of 180,000 are Muslims. Rome is heaping abomination upon abomination on itself and sending millions to hell.

   The Vatican announced that pro-gay Archbishop Wilton Gregory will oversee the transition of the Catholic Church in welcoming LGBTQP members.

   In the midst of the most senior Vatican official embroiled in a child abuse scandal, Pope Francis’ popularity has taken a dramatic nosedive as 4.2 million Americans reject Catholicism in protest.


Once again, thank you so much to all those who have been keeping me in prayer. I have had another echo-cardiogram and saw the cardiologist afterwards. As a result of the echo, my aorta problem has been downgraded from severe to moderate. I am sure the improvement is a result of your prayers. I have also been taken off the diuretic, which is a blessing. But now there is concern that the chambers in my heart are too small and are causing my high blood pressure, or something like that. I still have continuing problems with tiredness and a gut problem.  

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                                 No 286, 6 May 2019


Violence is increasing at every level of society.

   A US intelligence company has revealed an ‘unprecedented’ surge in online violent extremism among both white supremacist and jihadist groups after the Christchurch terror attack. The director of the intelligence group says that what is coming from the far-right is far greater than what has been seen before. Many far-right activists continue to praise the gunman’s actions and are calling for similar attacks. White supremacist attacks are rising globally at a very rapid pace. 

   In Paris, the yellow vest protesters are getting more angry and violent as they seek to drive home their message to a government which they believe is ignoring the poor. They are also angry that so much money is being donated in such a short time for the rebuilding of Notre Dame. ISIS-linked jihadists are warning of a future terror attack on Notre Dame.

   There is a growing global war on Christianity. On Easter Sunday, over 250 were killed and hundreds injured in Sri Lanka by seven suicide bombers believed to have been connected with several Islamist militant groups, one which was also responsible for attacks against Buddhists in 2018. One jihadist was a well-known Muslim preacher who said, “Allah created this land for Muslims.” The attacks were carried out in churches and hotels popular with foreigners.

   It is not one hundred percent certain if ISIS was involved in these attacks and whether they were really in retaliation for the Christchurch shootings. Apparently warnings were ignored. However, ISIS is not dead. The terror group has entered a chilling new phase as former warriors in Iraq and Syria are now spread around the world and are rebuilding ISIS. It is far from defeated. Similar attacks could happen anywhere, including in New Zealand.

   European churches are vandalised, defecated on, and torched “every day.” A German news site says “there is a creeping war against everything that symbolises Christianity: attacks on mountain-summit crosses, on sacred statues by the wayside, on churches… and recently also on cemeteries.” In France, Islamic attacks against Jews and Christians are rising at a staggering rate while the police do nothing.

   A statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated in a small French village recently, the latest in a deluge of anti-Christian attacks in France which numbered almost 900 in 2018 alone.

   A new study has found that the number of Germans brutally attacked and murdered by migrants has doubled in one year.

   There is, as is common now, a media silence about all the European attacks, and no one dare suggest that the perpetrators could be immigrants.

   Violent anti-Semitic attacks worldwide rose by 13% last year. In the US, anti-Semitic assaults of various kinds doubled in 2018.

   We should not be complacent and think that these things could not happen in NZ too.


After the Christchurch massacre, an imam in Auckland said that the Muslims in Christchurch were victims (true) and that Muslims were also victims in the 9/11 attack (a few may have been), even though Muslims carried out 9/11.

   After 9/11 President Bush stood up and said, “True Islam is non-violent” and “Islam is a religion of peace.” A spokesman for the Taliban said, “I am astonished by President Bush when he claims there is nothing in the Koran that justifies jihad violence in the name of Islam… Is he some kind of Islamic scholar? Has he ever actually read the Koran?” People in the West like to deny the murderous history of Islam, not only against non-Muslims but against other Muslims too.

   Since 9/11 and long before, the idea that Islam is a religion of peace has been repeated over and over again. So in the Western mind, jihadists can’t be real Muslims even though they are being obedient to the Qur’an.

   Islam as a religion of peace is now taught in many schools. If parents complain, they are called Islamophobes, hateful, ignorant, intolerant and racist. This sugar-coated version of Islam teaches nothing about the kidnappings, beheadings, slave-trading, massacres and persecution of non-Muslims, nor the repression of women.

   It is not uncommon for Muslims to claim to be victims after a Muslim has carried out an attack. This happens regularly in Palestinian Gaza. The Palestinians send rockets and incendiary devices into Israel and when the Israelis fire back they claim to be innocent victims even though they initiated the attacks. So instead of trying to improve their situation with all the support that is given them, they blame the Jews, the US and the rest of the world for their state. The UN supports this nonsense. The aim of Islam is to kill all Jews.

   This victim mentality comes from Muhammad. He could justify jihad and murder on the basis of being persecuted. To Muslims, disbelieving is persecution. In the Qur’an, Muslims are commanded to engage in war against the infidels until Islam is the only religion.

   Jesus is our model of how to cope with victim-hood. He was a victim too. But He died on the cross to set the captives of the world free. “The Lord… has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” (Luke 4:18) No-one should see themselves as a victim if they are in Christ.


   In NZ, a proposal for a Capital Gains Tax has fallen through meaning the government may have a job finding funding for its expensive large development plans. In NZ too, health bosses planned to limit showers and preparation of meals for the disabled, create long waiting lists for specialist care, and refuse help for autistic children as part of a desperate cost-saving bid. After an outcry, the plan was halted but providers fear that it is now happening by stealth. It is easy to see how these people may become targets for euthanasia in the future.

   NZ failed to offer sanctuary to any Christian refugees from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq last year. In the 12 months up to 31 October 2018, NZ gave sanctuary to a total of 1,019 Muslim refugees from these countries.

   The US is now 72 trillion in debt, $220,000 for every man, woman and child.

   Australian inflation is at zero. It is described as a huge sign that something has gone terribly wrong with the economy.

   It has been revealed that Canada’s new commemorative coin features two men kissing. The Royal Canadian Mint said the new coin represented “a key milestone for lesbian, gay, transgender, queer and two-spirited people.”

   New government data from England and Wales show that nearly one-third of pregnancies among women aged 20 through 24 resulted in abortions in 2017.

   Bethany Christian Services, a global non-profit adoption agency based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was sued for refusing to work with same-sex couples, has announced that it will start placing children with LGBT families as part of a settlement with the state. The agency insists, however, that its beliefs have not changed.

   A list recently released by the Centre for Violent Extremism has disclosed that 41 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities are set to be forced to welcome back scores of returning ISIS members. Because returning ISIS members have Swedish passports, as per Swedish law, they can’t be turned away and will be able to claim social benefits. About half of the 300 have already returned.

   Crosses on graves in a cemetery in Pieve di Cento, Italy, have been covered up with black cloth to avoid offending other religions.

   Sunday 5 May to Tuesday 4 June is Ramadan when Muslims pray more and reflect on Allah. Some Muslims hear from YHWH instead. Pray that many more will.

      The New York Times reported the story of a statue of Jesus being rescued from the Notre Dame fire by a chaplain. Notre Dame doesn’t have a Jesus statue. It was the Blessed Sacrament; the wafer that Catholics believe is the literal body of Christ Himself. When Jesus broke bread He told the disciples to do this in remembrance of Him. It was to be symbolic. Jesus was sacrificed once for all sins (Heb 10:12). Jesus has already conquered everything and no fire or anything else will ever hurt Him. The concern should be that we don’t end up in the fires of hell!


   We have seen our PM Jacinda Ardern rise to global political rock star status in an incredibly short time. There is a proposal for a mural of her wearing a hijab and hugging a Muslim woman with the Arabic word for peace to be painted on a silo in Melbourne, Australia. More than $11,750 was crowdfunded for it in just a day. She is seen as “a beacon of tolerance, love and peace.” Fortune Magazine now has Jacinda as the second greatest leader in the world. It is not hard to see how the Antichrist could appear rapidly, be acclaimed by Muslim and Western leaders alike, and have his likeness appear on everything from the tallest building in the world in Muslim Dubai to appearing on a silo in Australia!

   Fortune Magazine’s greatest leader position went to Bill and Melinda Gates who are actively working with globalists to exterminate 90% of the human race “to save the planet,” a policy now openly advocated by left-wing influencers and the wealthy elite.

   Our old soldiers have just been remembered on Anzac Day. In Turkey, where celebrations are held at Anzac Cove, there was an ISIS threat. At the moment we do not need to fear any nation invading our shores. The enemy is more subtle and creeping in quietly. It is the rise of Islamic terrorism as countries open their borders to more Muslims allowing terrorists and potential terrorists in with them. According to the Qur’an, Christians are to be killed if they refuse to convert to Islam or refuse to pay the jizya (poll) tax. Terrible times are coming, and coming rapidly. We must prepare ourselves spiritually for these times.

The devil continues to prepare a One World Religion for his Antichrist:

   In NZ, the All Saints Church (Anglican) and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (RC) in Palmerston North both had leaflets left on cars during a Sunday service. The leaflet claimed that “Muslims had been deceived and included hateful remarks about Allah and the prophet Muhammad.” The police were notified. All Saints had invited Manawatu Muslim Association members to a service in a show of solidarity.

   It has been suggested that the rebuilding of Notre Dame include a Muslim minaret or, as Macron says, something “consistent with our modern, diverse nation.” While back in NZ, a group of up to 100 from Man Up and Legacy, groups affiliated with Destiny Church, gathered outside Christchurch’s Al Noor Mosque declaring “Jesus is the true God.” An Anglican lay preacher from Paraparaumu has hit back saying they should stop judging and instead show love and care for “our Muslim brothers and sisters” as we worship the same God.

   Chrislam is alive and well! It is a blasphemous insult to the God of the Bible to equate Him with the pagan deity Allah.


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