Be Very Alert! No 303

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door                                         No 303, 13 April 2020


We have had many antichrists down through history, but we are now closer than ever to the final Antichrist appearing, the one described in Revelation 13:7: “He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.” There is good agreement among Bible prophecy teachers that things are never going back to how they were only a few months ago. Technological developments are paving the way for the Antichrist and his mark. This may come rapidly and suddenly. Remember that Jesus tells us four times in Matthew 24 not to be deceived.

Former UK Labour Party leader and Prime Minister Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Brown says that this is not something that can be dealt with in one country. “There has to be a coordinated global response.” There is a global economic collapse coming rapidly the likes of which have never been seen before, as someone says, it could make the Great Depression look like a picnic! Some don’t see it that way. In NZ we are being told to think beyond the next six months, and “visualise the role we can and will play in the vibrant, refreshed, sustainable, inclusive New Zealand economy.”

The World Economic Forum has a detailed roadmap as to how globalists intend to use Covid-19 and other issues to implement their globalist agenda. Everything is designed to get you to believe that the only solution is a global one. There is a call for a global tax to fund things like ID2020 and the WEC. At the same time the WEC is also promoting abortions. With so many in lock-down there may well be an increase in pregnancies coming!

Coming soon too is a cashless society as countries look to a digital currency, spurred on by a fear of cash because it can carry Covid-19.

There is already a mounting tracking of people which has been taken to extremes by China. As well as using face scans, etc., China is now requiring everyone to use software on their smartphones that dictates whether they should be quarantined or allowed into subways, malls and other public spaces. The colours green, yellow or red indicate their health status. It also appears to share information with the police, setting a template for new forms of automated social control that could persist long after the epidemic subsides.

Bill Gates recently stated that “digital certificates” will be used to identify who received the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine. These certificates will also be used to identify who can conduct business or not. This plan is already backed by a massive organisation called ID2020. Google is also recording the movements of people under lock-down in over 100 countries including in NZ. The tracking of New Zealanders’ movements show how often we are going to work, parks, supermarkets and transport hubs during lock-down. The government is looking at user-based apps to help contact tracing for people who’ve been in contact with Covid-19 cases. In the US, Jared Kushner has been given the task of creating a national surveillance system. Others are looking at the possibility of a Virus Immunity Certificate but such a certificate might encourage some perverse individuals to want the virus so they can enjoy the benefits of the certificate.


There are many plagues recorded in the Bible and some are yet to come. God brings on plagues or allows them and He decides when they will come to an end.

Quarantining people is a biblical concept. The Israelites did it. In America a number of churches are remaining open despite lock-downs and, sadly, are seeing the coronavirus spread through the congregation and pastors dying. This does not send a good message to the watching public.

Authorities in Africa and Europe are evacuating churches and detaining pastors as governments prohibit worship services to halt the spread of Covid-19. Video footage showed the head pastor of the Open Arms Ministries congregation in Ghana’s city of Kumasi taken into custody during a recent worship service. Several worshippers protested the move and applauded the pastor.

Wilful disobedience during lock-downs is certain to result in many more Covid-19 cases which will further overload already overloaded health systems. We are asked to “love our neighbours.”  Especially consider the doctors and other health workers who are putting their lives at risk as they endeavour to do the best they can for their patients. Many are becoming ill and dying from Covid-19.

Many Christians have been influenced by Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel false teachers and believe that disasters should not befall them – if they have enough faith!

In Illinois, at least one person has died and 43 fallen ill at a Pentecostal church with at least 10 testing positive for the virus so far.

Taking advantage of the pandemic, false teacher Paula White, who is the Advisor to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, says her ministry is like a hospital and is asking people to ‘sow a Psalm 91 seed’ and send her $91 dollars for her fake coronavirus hospital for the ‘spiritually sick.’

End times heretic and perpetual false teacher Kenneth Copeland of the Prosperity Gospel Movement says he is now a prophet and that Covid-19 is over. It ended on March 29 at noon! He declared this to be true in the name of the Lord. He has now called forth a ‘supernatural heatwave’ to kill the virus in New York!

The world is watching and it is important that we represent God faithfully at this time. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul make it clear what our duties are. Our ultimate loyalty is to God, but we are to obey civil government when there is no conflict. Pray continually for God to show you His will and for Him to guide you in wisdom and decision making as the days get darker.

In the US, the disobedience of well-known apostate megachurch pastor Rodney Howard-Browne reached the secular media, including my regional paper. He defied bans on large gatherings and was taken into custody. On March 15 he told his congregants that he would close services only for the Rapture and that closings were for “pansies.” He is now free. He also told his congregation they were safe in church from the coronavirus, and then told them to shake hands and hug.

Jesus warns that in the last days Christians will be hated by all nations because of Him (Matt 24:9; see also Rev 6:9; 7:13-17). An opinion piece in the New York Times has blamed evangelical Christians for paving the road to ‘corona virus hell.’ Evangelicals are accused of ‘denial of science and critical thinking,’ because they voted President Trump in. It is not the first time in history that Christians have been blamed for a tragedy. Nero blamed Christians for the burning of Rome.

The leftist media like to make the most of anything they see Christians do that they see as wrong. My regional paper used an error of judgement made by a Christian woman who knocked on some people’s doors offering “hope for all” pamphlets during the lock-down. The bold headline on the front page reads: “Door-to-door Baptist breaks lock-down.” There is also a photo of the church’s billboard which reads “Overcome anxiety and fear by trusting in Jesus.” I’m sure God will be able to use this misjudgement for His glory. Many people are afraid at this time and are seeking spiritual solutions. There is an increased demand for Bibles and many more are googling ‘prayer.’ The Baptist church may find more people contacting it for help. It was great to see ‘Jesus’ on the front page at Easter!

Idol worship abounds as Catholics fly idols over cities to stop Covid-19 from spreading. The Italian Air Force has flown the ‘blessed sacrament’ and a statue of the Virgin Mary over cities in Italy to stop the virus from spreading. This has happened in New Jersey in the US too. Over and over in the Bible we are told not to worship idols. “The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshipping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood – idols that cannot see or hear or walk.” (Rev 9:20). Worse plagues are coming and they may not be far away!

Churches need to think creatively now and work out ways they can be a blessing to others. Hardship is hitting many as they lose their jobs. Demands on food banks are soaring. Food shortages are coming, and in some cases already here.

Love your neighbours, don’t endanger them and help where you can!


As Iran struggles to contain one of the world’s worst outbreaks of Covid-19, some are voicing concern that the regime could use the crisis as cover to advance its nuclear program or attempt to deflect attention away from the country’s perceived dubious handling of the pandemic by using its proxies to wreak havoc.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, North Korea has fired more missiles than ever. NK fired what appeared to be two short-range ballistic missiles into the ocean off its east coast, the latest in an unprecedented flurry of launches that South Korea decried as ‘inappropriate’ amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

In India, a secondary humanitarian crisis is unfolding as millions of Indian migrant workers, including Christians, are stranded by a 21-day lock-down. They face unemployment and hunger.

The Satanic Temple in the US is experiencing explosive growth and popularity.

In Canada, some Toronto mosques are stubbornly staying open despite the pandemic. Also in Canada, an Islamic scholar has said that taking Jews or Christians as friends is more dangerous than the coronavirus.

In the US, a watchdog has accused Teen Vogue magazine and the social app Snapchat of inspiring teenagers to create “child pornography” during Covid-19 quarantine via sexting.

Inspired by recent school closures in response to the pandemic, JK Rowling has announced the launch of Harry Potter At Home, a free online hub that will provide children with ‘educational wizarding fun’ while social distancing.

In Israel attempts are still under way to form a unity government. Ultra-orthodox Jewish leaders are asserting that the arrival of the Messiah is imminent, even suggesting that a saviour figure could arrive as early as Passover. If they accept someone as the Messiah now it will be the Antichrist.

The UN reports a ‘horrifying global surge in domestic violence’ amid the lock-downs which is being seen here in NZ too. Mental health issues are on the increase and we can expect more depression and suicides.

Some final thoughts:

Remember to hand over all your anxieties to God. He will be with you in the midst of any trouble and He will use that trial for your spiritual good and His glory. He will ultimately bring you through all the dangers of this life and usher you into His eternal glory. Our citizenship is in heaven. We are just passing through here.

Have you really committed your life to Jesus Christ, or are you just being religious? Is your lamp filled with oil? Are you ready to stand before Jesus?


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