Be Very Alert! No 313

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door
No 313, 31 August 2020


In a surprise move, a US-brokered peace deal has been announced between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, normalising relations between the two countries. By calling it the Abraham Accord, it recognises that Abraham is the father of Jews, Christians and Arabs. Only two other Arab nations have diplomatic ties with Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

A joint statement from the US, the UAE and Israel said delegations will meet in the coming weeks to sign deals on direct flights, security, telecommunications, energy, tourism and healthcare. They are expected soon to exchange ambassadors and embassies and a signing ceremony is due to be held at the White House.

There have been varied reactions to the news about the Abraham Accord.   Iranian president Rouhani has condemned the deal, saying that it is a “betrayal of the Palestinian cause.” Iranian officials have threatened outright to launch attacks against Abu Dhabi. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, issued a fatwa (religious proclamation) declaring that Muslim citizens of the UAE will not be permitted to pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Palestinians held a political protest at the compound of the Mosque and trampled and then set fire to a poster of the UAE leader and UAE flag to protest the normalisation deal between Israel and the UAE, sending a warning to citizens of UAE not to visit Jerusalem or the mosque, as many apparently hoped to do. Turkey also slammed the UAE and has threatened to suspend its diplomatic relations with the UAE and recall its envoy. Kuwait says it will be the last to normalise relations with Israel. French President Emmanuel Macron is urging the resumption of talks towards a two-state solution with the Palestinians.  A UAE envoy says that with the Israel deal done, they’ll directly advocate for a Palestinian state.

In Dubai itself, the Israeli flag was projected on to the tallest building in the world. Other countries are expected to join the deal too.

Back in 2019 Pope Francis signed the Document on Human Fraternity in Abu Dhabi which calls for the reconciliation of people of all faiths and goodwill in the service of universal peace. It has led to the planning of the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi. It will have three buildings of equal height. The mosque will be orientated toward the Kaaba in Mecca, the church’s altar will point east towards the sun, and the synagogue’s podium and Torah will face Jerusalem.

The UAE has Jews, Christians and Muslims in its population and they want to create a “place where they can practise their religion freely and learn from each other.” They hope other religions will join them too.


In the last Alert I mentioned that a paper in the NEJM makes a case for penalties for people who refuse a future Covid-19 vaccination. Now the news outlet USA Today has published an op-ed that calls for everyone in America to either take a Covid-19 vaccine or else be punished by the state. The authors believe that “forcing vaccines on everyone, young and old, rich and poor, free and slave, is the only way to create the “herd immunity” necessary to “defeat the pandemic.””

In NZ, PM Jacinda Ardern says that new arrivals housed in isolation facilities for 14 days who refuse to be tested for Covid-19 will have to stay on for another 14 days. This will be an “incentive” for them to get tested. She also says that a Covid-19 vaccine will not be mandatory in NZ, but one wonders what “incentives” she might use to encourage people to get jabbed!

There have been dismissals of university and school teachers in various countries who pointed out that evolution was just a theory or who taught both creation and evolution. A similar approach has already been passed into NZ’s abortion law. Sections 14 and 15 of the Abortion Legislation Act 2020 allow for the dismissal of DHB employees who conscientiously object to abortion.

For all the vaccines licensed in the US package inserts are available online  which provide members of the public with one of their only opportunities to learn about potential adverse reactions. Hundreds of adverse medical outcomes have been reported including serious infections, autoimmune conditions, life-threatening allergies and death. In the rush to get incompletely tested  Covid-19 vaccines out, millions of people could be damaged or killed. A Swine flu vaccine rushed to the market ended up paralysing 500 Americans.

Dr Marc Siegel, a regular contributor at Fox News, says that children who do not get vaccinated for Covid-19 should wear a yellow pin (“No Hugs Please” with a red line slashed through them”) indicating that they are not to be hugged for alleged safety reasons. In other words, the children are to be shunned and deprived of normal human affection. This is similar to the yellow star patch that Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany.


In Victoria, Australia, over 1600 healthcare workers have been infected with Covid-19 which is threatening the ability of medical services to treat the general public. The corona-virus is persistently bypassing personal protection and facility containment measures to infect medical staff. The one overwhelmingly deadly characteristic of the virus is its ability to linger in the air for hours as aerosols which can be produced by merely talking. In NZ, this appeared in the regional paper: “Mask use should be mandatory in bars and restaurants, a leading public health expert says.”  The ‘expert’ is at the Otago University. How do you eat or drink with a mask on? In the US, a Wisconsin government agency has mandated face-mask use for virtual Zoom meetings!

It’s not just Covid-19 causing distress among the nations. Very many new viruses and re-emerging diseases, such as cholera, typhoid fever and Ebola, are appearing.

The number of Americans who say they can’t afford enough food for themselves or their children is growing, and it is likely to get larger now that some government benefits have expired. As of late last month, about 12.1% of adults lived in households that didn’t have enough to eat at some point in the previous week, up from 9.8% in early May.

World Bank president David Malpass has warned that Covid-19 may have driven as many as 100 million people back into extreme poverty.

Doctors worldwide are now reporting an increase in short- and long-term brain and nervous system issues for both young and old COVID-19 patients. When Covid-19 first struck, children were not greatly affected, but that is changing.

Disney’s series, “The Owl House,” is now the first official animated show to feature a bisexual main character. Both Variety and the Daily Mail described the introduction of the character as “making history.” The show’s 14 year old main character, Luz Noceda, is portrayed as a normal teenager who goes to another world to become a witch. On the show, she has shown attraction to male characters and recently with a recurring female character named Amity.

San Francisco state Senator Scott Wiener has introduced a new bill to decriminalise adult men having sex with boys and he and his allies in the media are smearing all opposition as “homophobic” and “anti-Semitic.”

NZ is one of the latest countries to have its own ‘virtual choir’ version of The Blessing by Kari Jobe. The first version I saw was the English one. It sounded nice, but I was shocked to see which churches had contributed: supposedly good churches, ecumenical ones (like Holy Trinity Brompton), Catholic churches and ones involved in all kinds of false teachings. The NZ one is no better in this respect. But what really shocked me was that a blessing given to Israel was taken and sung by some churches that believe the church has replaced Israel and are using it to try and get God’s blessing on their land. Those singing it fully expect God to bless their land and give them peace – followed by about 15 amens. But having so many people singing it and so many amens will not make it happen. It is now far too late to expect God to bless NZ. We deserve judgement for all the ungodly laws that have been passed or proposed. It would be better if Christians got on their knees and humbled themselves, and if they want to pretend they are Israel perhaps some sackcloth and ashes might help! So many Christians today want ‘feel good’ things. But Jesus is returning soon. He is coming back to judge the nations, not bless them.


I received two emails in a few days referring me to two different prophecy updates where the speakers are heavily promoting a pre-tribulation Rapture. I used to believe this timing but gave it up a number of years ago after hearing about a timing between the 6th and 7th Seals of Revelation 6. As a new believer I got really excited after listening to J D Farag before the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashana) one year (on Sept. 19th this year). He said he felt in his spirit that the Rapture was going to happen then. My disappointment was great when nothing happened.

There is nowhere in Scripture that clearly says that the Rapture will take place at the beginning of the last seven years (see Daniel 9:27). You have to read a Rapture into it. The Bible says that believers will never face wrath, the Greek word “orge.” But believers will experience tribulation, “thlipsis.” A rapidly increasing number of believers around the world are  experiencing extreme tribulation and persecution. They are seeing houses and churches burnt down and loved ones killed and injured, being forced to flee from their homes, daughters kidnapped and married off to Muslims, losing jobs, starving and imprisoned – all because of their testimony about Jesus. This is no different from the first 5 Seals of Revelation 6 which occur at the beginning of those final seven years.

God starts preparing to pour out His wrath (“orge”) with the opening of the 6th Seal. At this time there will be massive signs in the heavens and on earth which are not only described in the 6th Seal but also in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and in the Old Testament. In Acts 2:19-21 Peter, quoting Joel 2, describes the end of the church age as having the same signs. In Luke 21 Jesus says when you see these signs, look up because your redemption is drawing near. Note too that at this time people see Jesus coming. Non-believers are terrified and hide, but believers should stand and look up. We should be praying now that we will escape all the things coming. What we will avoid is God’s wrath in the Trumpet and Bowl judgements which are totally different from the tribulation facing Christians now and in the first 5 Seals. 

The belief in a pre-tribulation Rapture means that many pastors are not preparing their congregations for coming persecution. Will many people in the West lose their faith when faced with real persecution? If you are a pre-tribber, please do at least consider the possibility that you might be wrong and be prepared.

Paul encourages the Thessalonians to study prophecy, to test everything and not let anyone deceive you. In these days we are either going to get closer to Jesus or further away from Him. The time to prepare is now. The Holy Spirit is preparing the faithful bride for the return of Jesus. Satan is preparing his unholy bride.



UN Covid Propaganda reaches brazen new levels Mandatory Vaccination, Troop Deployment

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