Be Very Alert! No 316 and 317

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door
No 316, 12 October 2020


In 2021, the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is expected to roll out a global financial reset. A shift to a digital currency is expected and it could be based on the Chinese yuan. The last global financial reset happened between 1944 and 1945, towards the end of WWII, when it was decided a new global reserve currency was needed, so it became the US dollar. The coming meeting was originally planned for January 2021 but has been postponed until “early next summer.” At a virtual meeting earlier in June this year hosted by the WEF, some of the planet’s most powerful business leaders, government officials and activists announced the proposal to ‘reset’ the global economy, but instead of traditional capitalism, the high-profile group said the world should adopt more socialistic policies, such as wealth taxes, additional regulations and massive Green New Deal-like government programs.

Communist-run China is already piloting the world’s first digital national currency, and other countries are considering following suit. The European Central Bank says it is moving towards issuing a digital version of the euro currency and critics fear it could replace banknotes.

California lawmakers have mandated that all cars in the state must be electric by 2035 which could lead to a disaster in the state’s already fragile power grid. Power demands could be driven up by as much as 9.5% over the next 10 years and 25% by 2035. California already has rolling blackouts to prevent the system from collapsing during heat waves, and if many people were to plug their vehicles in at the same time it would be even worse. In the UK, only zero-emission light vehicles (cars, vans and utes) will be imported from 2030. In NZ, the Green Party, following the UK, wants to ban petrol car imports from 2030.

Watch Turkey! It is one of the major players in the final days (Eze 38 and 39). Turkish President Erdogan has warned the world Jerusalem “belongs” to Turkey. He refers to the Ottoman Empire’s control over the city from 1516 to 1917 when Great Britain took over control. He told Turkish lawmakers during a major policy speech: “The issue of Jerusalem is not an ordinary geopolitical problem for us. First of all, the current physical appearance of the Old City, which is the heart of Jerusalem, was built by Suleiman the Magnificent, with its walls, bazaar, and many buildings. Our ancestors showed their respect for centuries by keeping this city in high esteem.” Toward the end of his address, he said, “Another crisis that our country and our nation carefully follow is the oppression of Israel against the Palestinians.” Erdogan is also planning to take over the Palestinian Authority (PA). He has a chance to use the Palestinian elections to try to bring his Hamas friends in Gaza to power after getting rid of PA president Abbas.

The Armenian/Azerbaijan conflict is a proxy war between Turkey and Russia which Turkey is using, once again, to revive the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is sending in armies of Syrian Islamic jihadists into Azerbaijan to slaughter Christian Armenians. Armenia has said it is ready to discuss a ceasefire after international calls to end the fighting.

An Egypt/Palestinian Authority crisis is looming as Abbas (PA) moves closer to Turkey, Qatar and Hamas (Gaza). Egypt is upset with the PA leadership for reportedly undercutting Cairo’s role as a main player in the Palestinian arena, particularly with regards to ending the Fatah-Hamas rivalry. The PA leadership is upset with the support Egypt has given to the Accords between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain which they say stabs the Palestinian people in the back. Turkey is also creating tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, including in Cyprus and Greece.

Islam continues to rise. The UK is in strict corona-virus lock-down, but still illegal Muslim migrants are arriving in record numbers. Thousands of illegals, mostly from Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, and Iran, keep flowing in at a time when Britain can least afford it. Once they arrive, they are given VIP treatment and have been filling hotels at the taxpayer’s expense. More Muslim migrants arrived in September 2020 alone than in the whole of 2019. The UN insists that the illegal flood of Muslims into the UK is not a threat, saying it could be a boon to taxpayers.

France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe with up to 5 million members, and Islam is the country’s number 2 religion. In some neighbourhoods around France Muslims with a radical vision of their religion take control of the local population to inculcate their beliefs. In Paris suburbs, nearly all top ten baby names have an Islamic connection, such as Mohammed, Ibrahim and Ishmael.

In NZ, PM Jacinda Ardern has vowed to criminalise criticism of Islam if she is re-elected. The policy announcement wasn’t planned, but after returning to Christchurch to unveil a memorial plaque to the survivors of the mosque attack on 15 March 2019, the imam of the Al Noor mosque called for the Government to step in on hate speech to prevent another attack. There’s no specific hate speech law in NZ. The Human Rights Act covers it, but only on the grounds of colour, race or ethnicity, not religion. Not unexpectedly, no one is worried about “hate speech” against Judaism and Christianity!


In the Bible, time after time we see God allowing or bringing on plagues as a judgement on people. In the 4th Seal of Revelation 6, a fourth of the people on the earth will be killed by the sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. People in a number of countries have held protests claiming Covid-19 is a hoax. It has been noted that often when the number of cases rise, people are more likely to call it a hoax as governments bring in stricter measures to prevent hospitals from being overloaded. A number of people who claimed it was a hoax have changed their minds rapidly after being seriously hit by the virus. There would be no massive grave digging and the building of field hospitals as has happened in some places if it was just a ‘flu.’

Covid-19 will last as long as God wants it to, no matter how people try to avoid it or stamp it out. Covid-19 should not surprise us considering how evil the world has become, and the myths that many who call themselves Christian are swallowing wholesale (2 Tim 4:1-5). God’s judgement came down on Egypt because of the way God’s people, the Israelites, were being treated. But Pharaoh found it hard to take the judgements sent by the God of Moses seriously. In the end God hardened his heart and he couldn’t believe the truth. This is a warning for Christians now.


In NZ, if the Labour Party is re-elected it would ban conversion therapy and provide gender-neutral bathrooms in state schools as part of a suite of LGBTQ+ policies. They have also promised $4m for Rainbow youth mental health services. The Party’s rainbow representative Paul Stevens said, “We will have the most rainbow parliament in the world, quite possibly the most rainbow parliament in the world ever.”

Some member churches of the mainline Protestant Evangelical Church of Germany have started the 2020-2021 academic year in 32 schools with a pro-LGBT campaign using scripture re-interpreted as a message of sexual and gender inclusivity. The pro-LGBT campaign is explained by saying that in the Evangelical Church there is no central authority that decides how the interpretation of the Bible and faith is to take place. The leadership of the Protestant School foundation says it is clear what students want, and we support this.

In the US, California has adopted transgender reforms into law, including allowing biological males who identify as female to be placed in women’s prisons, and a fund using state revenue for gender-transition drugs and surgeries.

According to a recent survey, 24% of so-called evangelical Christians in the US believe “gender identity is a matter of choice” and 20% don’t believe that “sex outside of traditional marriage is a sin.”

In the UK, failing to teach about LGBT relationships will be marked down in school inspection reports from 2021. Inspectors will assess schools’ readiness to comply with statutory guidance on new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum which has just come into effect in England. Faith schools can teach a religious perspective of LGBT relationships but must also explain LGBT rights under the law. The new curriculum has been heavily criticised by Christian and family groups.


Christian persecution in China continues to worsen. A Chinese Christian online bookstore owner has been charged with “illegal business operations” and received a 7-year sentence. Nearly 13,000 texts were destroyed. Chinese authorities are now planting surveillance tracking devices in the homes of religious minorities.

A Chinese textbook has changed the ending in the Biblical account of Jesus saving the woman caught in adultery by writing that Jesus kills the woman after telling her that he is also a sinner.

Billboards are going up in Canada and in some places in the US from a group called ‘One Planet One Child,’ a radical leftist group. After pushing abortion in the name of ‘healthcare’ when it is murder, they now want to reduce the population of the planet further by shaming people into having only one child. Communist China’s one child policy was a total disaster. In developed countries, the Covid-19 outbreak amongst other factors is putting people off the notion of child-rearing. 

Child abduction and sacrifice in the practice of witchcraft continues to plague Uganda. It is believed there are around three million witch-doctors in Uganda.  Human sacrifice is a thriving business in Uganda and hundreds of children are kidnapped and murdered as part of it.

The Satanic Temple, based in Salem, Massachusetts, is suing an advertising company because it refused to display some billboards promoting a ritual offered by the group to help people bypass abortion rules in some states. The organisation contends those who practice the Satanic abortion ritual are exempt from being subjected to waiting periods, mandatory counselling, forced viewing of sonograms, and reading materials as required in many states. The advertising company said the content of the billboards was “misleading and offensive.”

Pope Francis has endorsed globalist communism in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, blaming capitalism for the damage caused by lock-down policies. He believes that globalism is the answer to the pandemic, as national sovereignty prevents complete and uniform obedience of the masses during a crisis. He is also demanding that supranational bodies like the UN be given more authority to control the world.

Serious consequences are coming for those who have not yet received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, or who follow false teachings and are not fully committed to Jesus and His Word. You are either saved or not. There is no in between. In the US many church leaders are calling for “repentance” and “revival,” but many of them need to repent first themselves.  God is looking for faithfulness.

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door
No 317, 26 October 2020

“The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone He wishes.” (Dan 4:25)

NZ PM Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party have been voted in again with a majority to govern without a coalition. However, the Green Party is likely to have a role in this socialist government. Soon the results on the referendum on the legalisation of cannabis and The End of Life Choice Act will be released.

NZ certainly has not earned a God-fearing government. Our government does not acknowledge Israel’s rights, it has introduced about the worst abortion law in the world, plans on introducing a hate speech law that is likely to prevent any criticism of Islam but not protect Christian freedoms, supports a green agenda as part of Covid-19 recovery, and promotes the LGBTQ+ agenda. Ardern says she will declare climate change an emergency. Out new Parliament has been described as the “queerest” in the world, with 10% openly gay. There are likely to be 12 openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members of the 120 seat Parliament.

Unless special votes change anything, the Maori Party now has a seat in Parliament. The Party is vowing to hold Labour to account and dismantle the systemic racism “keeping our people in second place” which is described as the most important issue for Maoridom. The Waikato University was recently accused of an onslaught of structural and systemic racism allegations connected to the institute. The University Council has agreed to commission an independent review of such claims.

In the recent Lighthouse Trails booklet “S Is For Social Justice,” systemic racism is described as “The belief that racism is not just an individual problem but is integrated into the entire infrastructure and system of a society and that basically all white people are racist whether they know it or not, think it or not, or act like it or not.” In the US, since the killing of George Floyd, social-justice warriors have focused on the police, insisting that they be de-funded. This has resulted in extreme violence. In reality, a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male to be killed by a police officer. We will need to watch the development of systemic racism claims in NZ.


Lighthouse Trails has recently published two booklets that are a big help in understanding the new language we are hearing. Already mentioned is “S is for Social Justice: The language of today’s cultural “revolution,”” and the other is “Critical Race Theory, Southern Baptist Convention And a Marxist “Solution” That Will Not Work.” John Haller has also given an excellent sermon based on James chapter 2 titled “The Evils of Favouritism and the Woke Gospel.”

The “woke” church focuses on society’s injustices and therefore works for worldly social justice for oppressed people groups, which includes accepting their “sinful” lifestyles. The church should be “awake,” not “woke” and prioritise getting the gospel out and making disciples of people. A big problem in the church today is that it is being changed by the culture rather than changing the culture.

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2:15)

Today, there is a concerted effort to update Christianity, to adapt and re-form it according to the spirit of the age. This comes from pulpits, once-reliable Christian publishing houses and Christian colleges that are Christian in name only. “Christians” are now blessing abortion clinics, supporting LGBTQ+, pagan Black Lives Matter, and everything the culture loves.

Another term you may come across is “Progressive Christianity” which is often used interchangeably with “social justice Christianity” or “emergent Christianity”. It seeks justice for every people group, engages in environmental causes, sees the Bible as a manual for social justice, believes the words of Jesus and tends to ignore the rest of the Bible. For example, in the US over 4 in 10 self-professing Christians believe the Bible is ambiguous about abortions as it is not in the “red letters.” They also believe that the Bible is ambiguous about homosexual marriages. According to a recent survey, nearly a third of self-described evangelicals in the US do not believe that Jesus Christ is truly God! This liberal “progressive Christianity” is NOT Christianity. It has a different Gospel. Do not be led astray by it.

We are in a spiritual war and must stand against these ideologies.


In the US, 10,000 mink are reported dead in Covid-19 outbreaks at fur farms in Utah and Wisconsin, believed to be a result of spread from humans. Mink appear to suffer similar symptoms to humans. Most infected mink die by the next day.

In Israel, the IDF has set up a military hospital to assist the Galilee Medical Centre in dealing with Covid-19. The Medical Battalion Commander says, “They prepared us for biological and chemical scenarios and suddenly the corona-virus pandemic happened and presented new obstacles.”


In England, the National Health Service has defended giving hormone blockers to children aged just 10-years-old, as a de-transitioner. Keira Bell, is suing the public health service’s gender identity clinic for “rushing” young people into sex changes and being sent down the wrong path by the state health service. Prescribed puberty blockers by the Gender Identity Development Service as a teenager, the Manchester resident has been left with a male-sounding voice, body hair, a beard, no breasts, and unsure whether she will ever be able to have children.

Oreo has released new rainbow cookies to celebrate its partnership with the LGBTQ+ Advocacy Group PFLAG that confirms people in their rebellion to God.

A gifted Christian university student, Emily Arunt, has been able to pay for tuition with her successful animation work. She openly identifies as a “follower of Christ.” But after refusing two customer requests she has been blacklisted. One commissioned her to draw a character and later asked that she include a transgender flag. Another customer insisted that she donate money towards and promote Black Lives Matter. She is now under fire for her “transphobic and homophobic views.”

In NZ, a Christian woman in Christchurch looking for a flatmate online has received a barrage of backlash after saying applicants had to be of “straight gender.” The woman said while she was “sincerely sorry” for the upset she had caused, she stood by her views. “I just did not want two people of the same gender making out in front of my son.”


In Matthew 24 Jesus warns about famines in the last days. The head of the UN World Food Program, which recently won the Nobel Prize for its efforts to combat hunger, warns that we will soon be facing famines of “biblical proportions.” In 2020, we have just seen one major disaster after another all over the world, and many of these disasters have directly affected global food production.

Unprecedented flooding in South Sudan has devastated the lives of around 700,000 people, causing a hunger crisis amid the destruction of jobs and harvests.   Heavy rains and floods have left hundreds of thousands affected in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Wide swaths of crops have been destroyed.

In Nigeria, 2 million tons of rice has been destroyed, a quarter of the country’s projected harvest. Food shortages are becoming acute in all of South America, and those that are the poorest are being hit the hardest.

Adding to the devastation caused by large fires around the world, Israel, Syria and Turkey are now experiencing fires. In Israel, thousands of people were evacuated from their homes as wildfires, believed to have been caused by extreme heat, raged across the country. Wildfires have raged across parts South America, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay causing ‘total destruction’ in some places.

In the US, there have been a record-tying 16 billion-dollar disasters so far this year. A professor at Oregon State University says the fires in California, Oregon and Washington are the fault of “white Christians” because they are “science-deniers” who don’t believe in catastrophic man-made global warming.


“And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you would do well to pay attention to it, as a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” (2 Peter 1:19-21)

Is the world dark today? We certainly need some light now and Bible prophecy provides that. We need to ask God for wisdom to help us understand what He is doing in these last days, and not to go against His plans.

In Acts 21 we have an example of an attempt to change prophecy. The prophet Agabus told Paul that he would be bound and handed over to the Gentiles. Paul’s friends tried to persuade him not to go up to Jerusalem where this would take place, but Paul protested and his mind could not be changed. Neither can we change all the things in the Bible prophesied for the times we are living in and what is rapidly coming on the whole world. Yet many who call themselves Christians are trying to do just this.

Some of the things they want to do is to bring in the Kingdom now without Jesus, bring about peace and reconciliation without Jesus, introduce the culture into the church to make it more acceptable to the masses, and so on. “Revival” prayer gatherings and marches have been taking place in the US, but they call for a revival of the nation as a whole. They are not about individual repentance and a return to biblical Christianity.

In Matthew 24, Jesus warns that many in the last days will turn away from the faith. We are seeing that increasingly so now. There will only be a remnant left, and this remnant is getting smaller and smaller. We must be like the apostle Paul and fight the good fight and finish the race and keep the faith, so that we will receive a welcome reception in heaven when Jesus comes for us. Keep on using the gifts God has given you, as we will all face the judgement seat of Christ soon.

What is happening now should leave us in awe as we see so many prophecies coming true. Praise God, knowing that He is in control, leading and guiding.

If you have never received Jesus Christ into your life, now is the time to do so. Admit that you are a sinner and be willing to turn from you sin. Believe that Jesus died for you on the Cross and rose from the dead. Invite Jesus to take control of your life as Lord and Saviour through the Holy Spirit. God will forgive your sin and you will receive a new heart and new desires. Everyone who believes in Him will receive eternal life and escape God’s condemnation and an eternity in hell.

“Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt.

Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.” (1 Thess 5:19-22)


The full Lighthouse Trails 6 October e-newsletter is here:

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S is for Social Justice: The language of today’s cultural “revolution

Critical Race Theory, Southern Baptist Convention, and a Marxist “Solution” That Will Not Work

John Haller “The Evils of Favoritism and the Woke Gospel” – a sermon based on James chapter 2

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Useful Websites including prophecy updates:
John Haller:

Marco Quintana:

Jacob Prasch:

In the expectation that YouTube will shut them down one day, Jacob Prasch, John Haller, Marco Quintana and Sandy Simpson are also using Real Truth Network TV. There are other talks there too.

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