Be Very Alert! No 323

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door
No 323, 19 March 2021


Thanks to the Abraham Accords initiated by Trump, Arabs across the Middle East are now warming to the idea of a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. Even in Saudi Arabia, a country which has yet to normalise relations with Israel, there are Muslims calling for the Temple to be built. Satan needs a Temple there for his Antichrist which he will indwell (2 Thess 2). Arab nations are beginning to realise that after the 1967 war the myth was created that the Temple Mount was the third holiest site in Islam and where Mohammad rode up to heaven.  Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Qur’an. The gulf Arab states also realise that they need Israel’s help in protecting them from Iran. These Arab nations are not mentioned as being involved in the Gog and Magog war (Eze 38-39).

Pope Francis recently travelled to Iraq to reinforce his message of interfaith tolerance. He urged Muslim and Christian religious leaders to put aside animosities and work together for peace and unity during an interfaith meeting in the traditional birthplace of the Prophet Abraham, father of their faiths.

Pope Francis has been defending accusations of heresy after he called Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani a ‘sage’ and that he was a ‘man of God.’ Sistani is a Muslim who denies the deity of Jesus Christ and denies that He alone is the Saviour of the world. Pope Francis says that what he did was necessary to create a One World ‘inter-religious system.’ Sistani who was born in Iran but now lives in Iraq is one of the most senior clerics in Shia Islam.

Muslims are triumphantly declaring that the Pope has surrendered to Islam.

Boycott Israel groups in Europe and North America took part in an event with the Iranian regime, leaders of Hamas (Gaza Strip) and Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups earlier this year in Tehran. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praised the organisation’s work.

Antisemitism in NZ: New Zealand’s sovereign wealth fund has divested from five Israeli banks, citing their alleged funding of Israeli settlements in the West Bank as the reason, and drawing sharp criticism for focusing on the Jewish state while ignoring the world’s major abusers of human rights, such as China. The Guardians Board of NZ Super Funds (NZSF) manages assets in excess of $36 billion (US). In a statement they said, “There is credible evidence that the excluded companies provide project finance for the construction of Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which is an integral aspect of settlement construction,” the statement asserted. “We believe that without the banks’ involvement the settlement activity would not be proceeding at the scale seen in recent times.”


The Cancel Culture continues to find new things to cancel. The publishers of the Dr Seuss books have announced they will stop printing some of the titles due to the controversy over racial and insensitive content. The day after the announcement, more than 30 of the books made Amazon’s Top 50 list with nine of them being in the top 10. Only a few of the books are racially insensitive. However, the National Education Association has provided a list of books to consider as replacements for the cancelled books. It includes a story about a boy who wants to be a mermaid, and another about a cross-dressing prince.

The cancellation of Dr Seuss books should disturb us. The same thing happened in China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) called for the destruction of the “Four Olds” – old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas. All these stood in the way of Mao Zedong’s socialist ideology and had to be destroyed. Christians should be very concerned as it is only a matter of time before the Bible is cancelled.

Decades ago prayer was generally cancelled from public schools in the US. Now California has an “ethnic studies” proposal that would teach approximately 6 million students chants and incantations to Aztec gods of human sacrifice. White Christians are accused of “theocide” against indigenous tribes, the killing of their deities and replacing them with the Christian faith. The Christian God is seen as an extension of white supremacist oppression.


Around the time of the second anniversary of the Christchurch mosque attacks (15 March), two imams will lead a group of youth across the country in an effort to “educate the public on the true and peaceful teachings” of Islam and build lasting friendships. The group will wear shirts saying “I’m a Muslim ask me anything” and “Meet a Muslim” while hosting ‘Coffee, cake and True Islam’ sessions. This comes at a time when Christians are coming under increasing persecution from Muslims in many countries.

Germany is to begin construction of a ‘House of One’ worship centre in Berlin that will bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims, but also people of other faiths as well as atheists. It has already been dubbed a “churmosquagogue.” The foundation stone will be laid at a ceremony on 27th May. Another step nearer the Antichrist’s One World Religion!

There has been a steady influx of illegal Muslim migrants flooding into the UK across the English Channel. Some of this news includes: corona-virus infested boats, VIP treatment given to the illegals, complaints among the illegals about “racism” because they are dissatisfied with accommodations. As far as Boris Johnson’s government is concerned, UK citizens must pay for the illegal migrants and suffer whatever the consequences may be. No illegal Muslim migrants have been deported since Brexit, despite record arrivals via the English Channel. The Muslim population of England passed the three million mark in 2019. Some parts of London are now almost 50% Islamic.

In the US, there has been a huge surge of illegal migrants crossing the southern border into Texas, including thousands of children crossing alone who are being kept in unacceptable accommodation (including cramped cages) until they can be processed. The Texas child migrant facility is at 700% capacity.

Many entering are migrants who were recently turned back and were attempting to cross again under Biden’s policies. The problem at the border has been called not only a national security crisis but a national survival crisis. Even Democrats are becoming concerned.

Pope Francis has referred to the flood of Noah as a ‘mythical tale’ and says God will send judgement on the earth not for sin but because of climate change.


Israel has imposed a “green passport” program barring the un-vaccinated from participation in society. The Pass holders will be allowed to go to the gym, visit the theatre, stay in a hotel, go to a restaurant, and attend school. Green Pass holders are also allowed to eat indoors at restaurants, while non-Green Pass holders are being forced to dine outdoors. Israeli citizens who refuse the injections, including students, will not be allowed to participate in normal life. One activist in Israel says, “It’s terrible. It’s a very, very, very frightening situation.” If high school students are not able to receive exam passes at school, they will not be able to attend university or undertake Israel’s compulsory military service. Tel Aviv has decided to ban all un-vaccinated school and kindergarten teachers from entering educational facilities.

In Israel the Knesset has passed a bill allowing the use of personal information of people refusing vaccines. China wants to control a global vaccine passport system like theirs which ties directly into its social credit score system.

Qantas is trialling a digital “vaccine passport” system which it says will be necessary for overseas travel when Australia’s international border reopens.

The European Union is also introducing ‘Digital Green Pass’ legislation requiring all citizens to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination. And so it continues with other countries too. Someone has commented: “A digital green pass on your mobile device is the camel getting his nose in your tent, at this stage the vaccine is ‘strongly recommended’ but not mandated. But not taking it will lock you out of things like international air travel. Once you accept this, the camel will then proceed to insert his whole self into your tent, with the end result being a mark implanted inside your body. You may consider the countdown to the actual, literal Mark of the Beast as having begun.”


Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin is travelling to Germany, France, and Austria to speak to their presidents about the growing threat from Iran’s nuclear program and the International Criminal Court’s decision to open a probe into alleged war crimes by Palestinian terror groups and Israel.

America used to have the biggest and most Modern military forces in the world, but now China’s Navy is the largest. The leader of the US Indo-Pacific Command says America is losing its military edge as China becomes more emboldened and aggressive in the Pacific. China appears poised to attack Taiwan.

Russia and China have engaged in extremely aggressive military modernisation programs, while the US military has chosen to focus on becoming more “diverse” and “inclusive.” As a result, the balance of power has changed dramatically.


“TheGayBCs” is a way for readers as young as 4 to learn letters of the alphabet in terms of how it relates to LGBT issues. For example: C is for “coming out.” G is for “gay. L is for “lesbian.” O is for “orientation.” Q is for “queer.” When you get to D is for “drag,” you read: “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.”

In California, a proposed bill would fine stores for having separate sections for boys’ and girls’ toys, etc.

As legal and cultural fighting continues over religious convictions and LGBTQ rights, America’s largest Christian adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services, has surrendered to the sexual revolution and decided to change a longstanding policy and begin placing children with LGBT parents for foster care and adoption through all its offices in 32 states.

For the first time ever, KiwiRail in NZ is running a dedicated rainbow train service on the Northern Explorer from Auckland to Wellington to coincide with the capital city’s Pride Festival. The Rainbow Explorer train promises ‘special extras’ on the trip. More than 80 events are planned in Wellington, including drag brunches, pool parties and marches with “glamaphones.” The festival is from 13-27 March.


Everything the prophets told us is falling in to place. There are increases in earthquakes, volcanoes, violence, famines, plagues, wars and rumours of wars, climate changes, moves towards the Mark of the Beast and One World system, and in the church great deception, false prophets and teachers and persecution of true believers rising, just as before the fall of Judah to the Babylonians (Jeremiah).


The Cathedral Quartet, also known as the Cathedrals, was an American southern gospel quartet who performed from 1964 to December 1999.

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