Be Very Alert! No 324

Be Very Alert! – By Val Hollard (NZ)

On Watch at the Door
No 324, 5 April 2021


God says, “I bring prosperity and create disaster.” (Isa 45:7) Disasters around the world are too numerous to number and roll in one upon the other.

In Australia, NSW has suffered a severe drought followed by dangerous bush fires, then came Covid 19 and recently huge flooding with many made homeless. A plague of wolf spiders and snakes seeking dry ground and the worst plague of mice in decades after a bumper grain harvest followed. The mice have created a dreadful smell and trail of devastation and can transmit a variety of diseases.

According to Volcano Discovery, 29 volcanoes around the planet are currently erupting right now, and that includes the Fagradals Mountain volcano in Iceland that had been dormant for thousands of years. NZ has numerous volcanoes. With the Iceland volcano erupting again, scientist are keeping a close eye on NZ’s. The imposing, 2500m-high Mt Taranaki is considered to be in a ‘quiet period.’ Its last eruption occurred in 1790, making it among its longest on record.

Shipping was already a disaster with congestion around the world slowing world trade. The blocking of the Suez Canal by the massive container ship Ever Given will have a huge impact globally on supply and costs for weeks ahead. After technical or human error, it seems to be a strong gust of wind and a sandstorm that sent it sideways, totally blocking the Canal. God says He creates disaster (Isa 45:7).

The NZ government has great plans to bring in electric vehicles and to build thousands of houses to reduce the acute housing shortage. But there will be problems. The global semiconductor shortage which began in early 2020 has reached a ‘crisis mode’ as automakers worldwide are stopping production as they can’t get semiconductor components or what is needed for batteries. In another disaster upon disaster scenario, chip demand was diverted away from autos to household electronics because of the number of people working from home during lock-downs. Then winter storms in the US plus a fire at one of the biggest makers of auto chips worsened the situation for car companies. The attempt to build many more houses rapidly is being held up on a number of fronts, including a shortage of building timber, the lengthened wait times for products ordered from overseas and the lack of infrastructure such as roads and pipes. There is also a shortage of containers and ships to bring things to NZ. So much for great promises!

Disaster upon disaster is the new norm and it will only get worse even though many are optimistic that things will get better. Are you prepared for the coming storm? We can’t have victory through the storm unless we have the peace of Christ in us. People who have never trusted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will perish.

Jesus says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27)



In the lead up to the first coming of Jesus, there was an increase in demonic activity. This is happening again before His second coming. There are reports of the materialising of humanoid-shaped demons. Hollywood and the music industry are openly worshipping Lucifer. 666 pairs of “Satan shoes” that are covered in satanic imagery and claim to contain one drop of actual human blood are for sale.

Christian demographics around the world are changing. There is a decline in Christianity in North America and Western Europe is now considered post-Christian. Surveys consistently report declines in religious belief, attendance and self-identification. However, over the last century there has been dramatic growth of Christian populations in places like sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia.

On February 4, the UN celebrated the first International Day of Human Fraternity and World Interfaith Harmony Week. The General Assembly especially noted the meeting between Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar (the first degree-granting university in Egypt and associated mosque) in 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

In NZ, front-line police officers are increasingly fearful of being attacked or shot on the job and some have refused to go to high-risk call-outs. As a result, they will now get an extra week of training this year to help them cope with increasing risks.

America’s cities are being turned into crime-ridden war-zones. Murder rates are way up. In the crime riddled city of Baltimore ‘low level crimes’ like prostitution, trespassing, urinating in public and selling drugs will no longer be prosecuted. 

Iran and China have signed a huge 25-year strategic $400 billion cooperation agreement addressing economic issues amid crippling US sanctions on Tehran. The agreement covers a variety of economic activity from oil and mining to promoting industrial activity in Iran, as well as transportation and agricultural collaborations.

In Australia, basic spelling in classrooms is being squeezed out and the focus now is on climate change, BLM and gender fluidity.

In NZ, for the first time since Covid-19 struck, school strikers from Auckland in the north to Dunedin in the South will be out again on April 9 with “marches, protests and action” and will call for “bold leadership” on climate change. Despite the Government’s declaration of a climate emergency in December last year, they still do not feel politicians are taking climate change seriously enough.

In the US, a slide used in a Department of Defence training manual identifies Catholics and evangelical Christians as “religious extremists,” along with members of the Ku Klux Klan, al-Qaeda and Hamas.

Open Doors reports that persecution of Christian women worldwide has risen in a year. Forced marriages have increased by 16% and physical violence by 31%.



Because of mutations, the planet could have a year or less before first-generation Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective and modified formulations are needed, according to a survey of epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease specialists. Because of the current difficulties in acquiring vaccines and distributing them, it will be a continuous battle for countries to keep up with them.

In NZ, the mainstream media and government continue to keep quiet about the adverse drug reactions many have suffered from the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine which is being used. The vaccines are still experimental and have only been approved for emergency use in the US. Nothing is known about the long-term effects of these novel vaccines. People are being experimented on. In Europe, around 4,000 people have died following vaccination and many thousands injured. In Pennsylvania more than 40 staffers in a school district called in “sick” due to reactions to the Johnson & Johnson one-shot jab. All the schools in the district closed for a day. AstraZeneca is changing the name of its vaccine after a wave of blood clot deaths.

In Britain, more than 1 million people are suffering from long-Covid. Almost one in 7 people who tested positive for the virus still suffer symptoms 3 months later.

Some people who have been fully vaccinated are now getting Covid again. The Brazil variant is hitting young adults hard. Brazil is experiencing a surge of the virus along with a shortage of ICU doctors. Lock-downs have returned or been extended as a third wave of the virus sweeps across Europe.



Due to Covid restrictions, space for the priestly blessing at the Western Wall was limited this year, so the guards gave priority to those of the priestly lineage dating back to the time of the Levitical line of Aaron. The guards checked names and the Kohanim were granted access to the podium. This was the first time since the first and second Temple period that this checking has happened.

This and other events show that we are getting very near to seeing a new Temple.  Jews who seek a renewed Temple still try to become perfect under the Levitical system. However, there has been a change in the priesthood and now Jesus, from the tribe of Judah is our High Priest (Heb 7). Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) This holds true for both Jews and Gentiles.

Unfortunately there are many Christians who believe that Jews can be saved under the old system. These people say they love Jews but they never give them the Gospel message. There will be a terrible outcome for Israel when the Antichrist sets himself up in the Temple, proclaiming himself to be God (2 Thess 2:4).

The Biden administration says that it’s their longstanding position that the ‘West Bank’ is occupied. Judgement will come to America for this (Joel 3).



The European Parliament has declared the EU an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone” largely in reaction to various municipalities in Poland declaring themselves LGBTIQ-Free Zones. The vote in Parliament was 492 in favour, 141 against, and 46 abstentions.

In the US, there is a push for legal open marriages of every kind. Some city councils are now recognising poly-amorous relationships as an acceptable form of domestic partnership. Also, an astounding 20% of Americans now think that polygamy is “morally acceptable.” If “love” and “consent” is all that defines a relationship, then proponents of incest, paedophilia, and group marriage can expect legitimacy to come for these relationships too. Even the American Psychological Association is fighting to give open relationships “protected legal status.” Once a culture rejects biblical ways based on God’s design, there are no limits to what such immoral people will do. God’s judgement is sure to come.

The large and influential pro-LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign has demanded that Christian schools and universities in the US must abandon their beliefs of face losing accreditation. The group recently released an educational policy brief for a Biden administration. Christian schools are being asked to abandon biblical standards for teaching, hiring, admissions, housing and student life. These schools would no longer be Christian.

A father in British Columbia has been arrested after continuing to call his 14-year-old daughter “she” and “his daughter” after the girl transitioned to a male gender. The Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada, has ordered that the child receive testosterone injections without parental consent. The father had wanted his daughter to wait before making such a change.

A biological male has won a female beauty pageant in Nevada.

In Japan, a court has ruled that the country’s failure to recognise same-sex marriages is unconstitutional.

Priests of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative plan to bless same-sex unions in defiance of a recent Vatican decree. The group argues that same-sex couples can be as loving as heterosexual couples. Unfortunately there is a common acceptance that “love is love,” no matter what kind. But in scripture there are a number of different words for love and God’s love is totally different from sexual love and lust.

In the weekend section of my regional paper, there were four pages supporting the idea that it is no longer just women who can have babies. Trans people can have them too, and pregnancy and birth services are a long way off being inclusive!

At the time of Noah, a flood came and destroyed people. At the time of Lot, fire and sulphur rained down. God will not hold back His wrath forever.


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